Hi everyone!

I bet you are already half way, if not all the way done with your holiday shopping! SHOW OFFS!

Just kidding.

As for the rest of you, who are like me 🙂 and haven’t even started – welcome to all things toys.

I tried to ask my kids, my kids friends and my mommy friends but to no avail. No one seems to know what the hottest kids toys are this season. I heard a lot of the same things from last year but there is no HATCHIMAL or FINGERLING craze this season. Or so I thought!

After searching our friend INTERNET, I found that there are a bunch of MUST have toys this season. How come my kids are not all over this?!

Well, come to find out, they are ALL OVER THIS. They have a couple of Toy catalogs laying around here and when I compared my findings with what they circled, IT WAS ALL IN THERE.  #momfail

[One Saved Christmas – Santa Hands – Capture video proof that Santa is REAL]

To save you a ton of time searching and researching, I did the job for you. So here is a list of the hottest toys this holiday season and all in one place!

We already have several of these and the kids really love them. The Little Live Wrapples are a hit around here. My Kissing Puppy is a fan favorite and we also have Bella his girlfriend.  Just Dance 2019 is on all day every day and highly recommended by MOM! Also the MEIGO magnetic blocks can keep them busy for hours. #momwin for sure.

There is still time to order – so get to it. Have fun and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Thank you!

x, Dijana


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