7 going on 17

I didn’t think one of my first posts would be about my strong willed 7 year old. Someone please send copious amounts of liquor, a time machine so I can skip some of these tantrums or simply – help me!!!!

Recipe for momtrum (tantrum for moms):

Start off with a handful of auto responses “I know, I know,” add a heaping tablespoon of raised voices, a pinch of huffing and puffing, and 1/2 cup of eye rolling = hot tamale mom! Holy smokes can she make my blood boil.

I love her to pieces and all of her quirkiness – she takes after me after all ;). I love how independent she can be, how caring and loving she truly is, her smarts and cleverness, but most of all I love her drive. She doesn’t stop – DRIVING ME CRAZY LOL! That is commendable in many ways. But honestly her drive for life and school is wonderful. She never gives up. 

Today however, was one of those “OMG if you don’t snap out of this funk, I will leave you with the fisherman at Lake Geneva.” After loosing my cool for about 1.5 minutes, I collected myself, stopped and explained to her why her attitude was ruining everyone’s experience, including hers. It was brief but to the point. I reminded myself and her that we all have bad days. That I love her (always remind kids of unconditional love). While most of us know how to handle a funk, she is 7 and she did not and that was ok. I made sure she was ok and there was nothing specific that was making her irritated. When we discovered that she was “just bored” #eyeroll – we then found a solution together (ice scream and throwing pennies in the wishing well) and all was well in the world.

Who knew that ice scream makes moms, I mean kids, feel better 😉 So what started out to be a crabby day for all, turned out to be a wonderf family day. Full of laughs, walks, shopping, and most importantly hugs and kisses. My girl is baaaack – at least until she rolls her eyes again!

Stay sane my moms, stay sane 🍷

Hazel Eyes Mom

Here is to honest motherhood, fun family adventures and parenting challenges. I can be sassy, moody and sarcastic but all with good intentions. Stick around and let's have fun together. x, Dijana

One thought on “7 going on 17

  1. Sounds like my life .. except for my 9 year old has the sassy-Ness of a 19 year old 😫. Your approach is very good. Good Luck 😊🌷

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