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Recently I have been trying to tap into the market of Instagram. I have been a member of IG for 6+ years but I am finally realizing it’s potential. I’ve always preferred it over FB but underutilized it. It is so versatile and can really help artists, merchants, small and large businesses alike. I have connected with so many friends, strangers who are now friends, small businesses and found some great deals and giveaways. But most of all I have been inspired, motivated, received feedback and support and was even able to share my knowledge with others in this crazy world wide web.

What I found out is that you really have to work for your audience. Yes you will have your family and friends, you will even attract strangers via hashtags. But if you really want to stand out there are a few things you definitely need to do or have. I am sharing my list of things that I find useful for Instagram. I am still learning so if you know of any hacks and feel like sharing, please direct message me or comment below.

Notifications. When you are following hundreds/ thousands of people, sometimes the ones you really LOVE get lost in the mix. There is a feature on everyone’s profile that will allow you to select those MUST SEE posts. Select the profile you love, find their latest post, and on the top right corner of the post you will see three little dots. If you click on that you will have a few options. One of which is TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS. Voila. From now on, every time this profile posts something you will get a notification and will not miss a beat.


Interactive stories. This is the one that I have been trying to tap into lately and found a handful of apps that can help. Creative story posts generate a lot of traffic and it’s memorable and fun! Stand out. But this one is the only one I liked so far.

  • Ripl – actually love them. You can make your text stand out and make it more fun when posting on IG story or profile. The only thing is it costs $9.99 on my android if I want the best of the features it has to offer. Otherwise if you just need it for a simple task and don’t mind the ad in the corner, it works.
  • PicSee. This one is fun for creating ads or stories with cool fonts and stickers. 


Colors in story. You do not have to choose the colors that are visible. You can change your pallet by simply tapping the pen icon or the “Aa” icon, tap and long-hold any of the default color options at the bottom of the screen to open the color slider, swipe across the color slider to select your perfect color.wp-image-442581482      wp-image-1346297402

Solid color or highlighted background in story. Tap the pen icon and select a color. Next, tap and hold on the screen for 1-3 seconds until the screen is filled with a solid color. Or select the highlighter and it will make your picture highlighted in the background in the color you choose. wp-image-1201522502

Archive. The latest feature of IG is the Archive option in the profile tab. With this, you can hide some posts from the public without deleting them. Sometimes I like to arrange my page to look a certain way so I hide some posts and then pull them back up when whenever my heart desires. The posts will only be visible to you in the Archive section.wp-image-1750088992.png

Business Profile. To look more legit, definitely switch to a Business Profile. With a business’s account on Instagram, you can view your statistics and demographic, review your impact and do more than with your normal account. To to so, go to your profile > Settings > Switch to Business Profile.

Hashtags. If you haven’t figure this one out yet, who are you? 🙂 Just kidding. But really, hashtag your little heart out. It’s the most useful trick to get a lot of likes and followers without doing a lot of work. The point is to get your posts featured by adding relevant and trending hashtags. There are many apps that tell you the most trending hashtags per category. All you have to do is search HASHTAG in your Play Store and copy/paste!

More accounts. If you feel like you need a separate personal or business account you can do that. All you have to do is link the two together and you will be able to switch from your bio page anytime.wp-image-1793796357.png

Show some love. This one is so important. You want people to follow you and like your posts but you don’t engage back with them…it doesn’t work that way. If you want to be active in this IG community you have to share the love. Be kind!

Followloops. Search #followloop on IG and you will see many to choose from. You can jump in on this bandwagon and gain tons of new followers. They are however follow for follow. If you decide to unfollow them later, you can expect the same. Everyone has the UNFOLLOW stat app these days. We track our followers.


Followers Insight app. It has definitely helped me to keep track of those that just follow me for a day and then unfollow later. I get it, I don’t want everyone on my feed either. So I use these stats to pick and choose who I keep on my follow list based on what I like to see, even if they don’t follow me.


Those are just a few of the hacks that helped me. There are so many more, so have fun googling🙊. But I hope this post saved you some time! Again, if you have something you would like to share with me and my followers, please do so below. I would love to hear your hacks and tricks.

Until next time…x, Dijana

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