Siblings – love/hate

MOM – he is touching me. 

MOM – she looked at me.

MOM – he doesn’t want to play with me. 

MOM – she is in my room. 

MOM – he punched me [in minecraft].

MOM – she destroyed my house [again, in minecraft]. 

Familiar yet?! 🤔

Every mom knows this struggle and if you say you don’t, I simply do not believe YOU or the unicorn you rode in on. As I have mentioned in my previous post, I have a 7 year old daughter and a 4 year old son [if you are new, welcome]. They are the true definition of love – hate relationship. Except he hates a little less and she loves a little more. This is my daily struggle. Ok maybe not daily. They honestly do have amazing days! But for the most part I am a referee🙅. Fortunately this team only has 2 players but someone is always playing defense or offense. Most of the time I LOSE! Lose my sh*t! I have a routine for tough times – so it seems:

  • Start off by speaking nicely and asking both of them to simmer down. NOTHING.
  • Counting until 5. They stop for about 2.5 seconds and back at it. STILL NOTHING.
  • Raising my voice and asking the same thing again. STILL NOTHING.
  • Turning into the MOMSTER 😡, throwing toys away, taking electronics and screaming – oh hello, we are getting somewhere.

Then I find myself heating up coffee from the morning, collecting myself [talking to myself] and having the same conversation we have on regular basis. In a normal tone and manner.💆

“I am sorry. You know how much I hate having these conversations. But why do I have to scream for you to understand me or do what I need you to do? Isn’t this much better? Did we not have this conversation yesterday? Why do you keep doing the same thing over and over again? DO you enjoy my screaming better then having a normal conversation? Why can’t you do what I asked you to do the first time? You must love the MOMSTER! I love you. You are great kids. Please stop acting like this and lets turn this day around.” ♥👫♥


This may or may not work every time. Some days, I repeat these steps several times. Some days I put on some music and ignore them all day. Others are so good and everyone is happy that I feel like they are hiding something from me [most likely a hole in the wall].  I have a lot of learning and work to do. I have been a mom for a while now but I feel like I am in a batting cage and these balls just keep coming at me. But I suck at baseball and its all hit or miss. 😢 That’s what this motherhood feels like, hit or miss.

How do you handle these sibling fights? Comment below…I look forward to learning something new!

x, Dijana


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