KidloLand app

Are you tired of your kids spending countless hours on electronic devices? Do you ever think they are wasting time on apps and videos that are not educational at all? I sometimes do! My kids love to watch videos and play games. I monitor what they watch and what games they play, as much as I can. On most days, I limit their screen time and encourage pretend play, outside play, reading and so forth. But I also have days when I let them watch or play online as much as they want. Balance, right?! 😉

Recently I was approached by KidloLand  to collaborate and test out  their toddler & preschool app. I immediately jumped at this chance. What better way to incorporate best of two worlds – learning and fun! They get to do what they love but learn at the same time. My son is currently obsessed with one game in particular but as soon as I downloaded this app for him, he was hooked. He played for a while and did not get bored. How could he – check out all of the features of this app! [ad]

  • All your favorite Nursery Rhymes with over 90 age-old classics.
  • Thousands of surprises. Tap on animals and other characters and watch them come alive!
  • Loads of funny animations and sounds to keep your child entertained.
  • Original educational songs for learning ABCs, Animals, Fruits, Vegetables and much more.
  • 100+ educational activities to build your child’s cognitive skills and hand-eye coordination.
  • Download the songs and enjoy them offline anywhere, anytime.
  • No advertisements. Designed specifically for 0-5 age group, hence very easy to use and child friendly. #ad

Click here to download yours today!

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