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Here in the Midwest we are finally seeing and feeling the FALL season. Up until last week, we still saw some 90 degree days. I was not complaining but for a photography junky like myself, I needed to see the colors changing. I needed to wear my fall wardrobe 😉 and my booties were calling my name. I am not one for the PSL craze but I love the smell of pumpkins, cinnamon and everything fall related. However, there are a few things that we as a family, traditionally do around this time of year. Fall photos are one of them but I already shared those with you 😉

Our fall favorites

Apple picking🍎

Usually the first week of September we visit an apple orchard. That is one thing we always look forward to. We stalk their Facebook page for updates and apple picking dates. We look forward to the wagon ride, picking and eating apples, seeing the farm animals and partaking in all of the fall activities. Our favorite apples are honey crisp. WOW. They are so juicy and delicious. Explains why they are so expensive at the stores. But most importantly we love the store. They have apple EVERYTHING! But the apple cider donuts are so hot and fresh. TO DIE FOR! We have one particular orchard that we visit every year and that is All Seasons Apple Orchard in Woodstock, IL. If you have never been, check it out. It is pricey but well worth it. Here are a few shots from our visit last year [we skipped this year due to some personal matters]:

Pumpkin patch🍁

We discovered this little gem a few years ago and have been visiting them ever since. This year we stopped by after our family photo session and it was a perfect day for it. The Pumpkin Wagon is located in Elgin, IL and the name pretty much describes it. Bunch of gourds, pumpkins, mums, corn stalks, hay – on a wagon. A lot of them are also neatly lined up in groups, per price, out on the field. You load up your wagon [provided by the patch] with what and how much you want, and total it up yourself. Yes, yourself. It is an honor system. You fill out your information in a notebook, put down what you purchased and deposit the cash in a lockbox. Simple as that. In this day and age, it makes me so happy to see that there are good people in the world who will follow rules and keep places like this in business. THANK YOU!

If you are looking for more of a carnival, animals, games, etc type of a pumpkin patch. This is not it. There is another place that we enjoy and would recommend – Sunny Acres in West Chicago, IL and the one listed next 😉

Santa’s village🎢

This is a kids version of Six Flags Great America. Santa’s Village is in Dundee, IL and it is only 15 minutes away from us. They have so many fun kiddie rides, carnival food, pumpkin patch and overall fun time. My husband and I love it just as much as the kids because we get to go on a lot of the rides too, hehehe. We love to see their excitement and joy with each ride or activity. We have never actually seen SANTA [I know, I know]! But it seems that every time we go, the line is either crazy long or he is not there. But we have so much fun no matter what and the kids don’t even care if they see him or not. Maybe this year will be different ;).

If you are in our neck of the woods, definitely visit Santa’s Village.

Decorating pumpkins🎃

This did not go as well as we planned. I was supposed to buy “GLOW IN THE DARK” paint but instead I purchased “GLOW PAINT.” What is the difference? Well, I bought something that is made to appear as if it is glowing because of the neon effect. #momfail But the kids had fun and love their pumpkins regardless. It is all about doing it together and having fun! Plus anything that gets me out of carving that thing, I am sold. Carving is not my thing…we did that before and lets just say … there is a reason why we just paint them now 😉



What are some of your fall favorites? I would love to hear from you!

x, Dijana



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