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I always knew my daughter was curious and creative. From early on she was interested in how games work and how they come together. So for the past few years I have explored signing her up for coding camps but they were either too expensive or not for her age. When Kidloland approached me to test out their new Coding Games For Kids – Learn To Code With Play  [ad] I jumped at the chance. She is hooked!!

At first she was hesitant because she did not understand what it was all about. But once we downloaded it and she saw that there were easy to follow voice instructions, she was very excited. She figured it out all on her own and could not put it down. She kept coming to me to show me every time she created a new sequence and how far she got.  She is super proud of passing new levels and it gives her a sense of accomplishment.

She asked me if I can download it on her brothers tablet and if she can bring it to school for show and tell. That speaks for itself. It is an app that really tests their ability to solve problems while promoting memorization and time management. All of the things that are useful in everyday life but with a fun twist. She doesn’t even realize how much she is learning through play. She is 7 years old and I believe this app is age appropriate but younger and older kids alike would enjoy it as well.

Here are some of the details of the app itself:

Kidlo Coding for Kids is a fun coding game to teach kids the very basics of programming, a very essential skill in today’s world. It teaches coding with fun games like fire fighting and playing a dentist. Kidlo Coding improves problem solving skills, boosts memory and increases logical thinking skills.

Using this app, kids will learn basics of programming with sequencing, loops and functions with coding games. There are 6 coding games for kids:

★ Little Firefighter
★ Monster Dentist
★ Chomp The Fruit
★ Garbage Truck
★ Pop The Balloons
★ Ice Cream Time

There are 240+ interesting levels in all, which can be solved by sequencing, loops and functions – All totally free.

What does this app offer to teach kids basic programming concepts?

Programming games like:

Sequence – Learn Sequencing With Coding Games
Sequence is the first step and most important part of coding. Here the command is executed exactly in the same order of events given by the coder.

Loops – Learn Loops With Coding Games
Loop is a concept for repeating a set of commands.

Functions – Learn Functions With Coding Games
Functions are a set of commands which can be used anytime as per the coders wish or requirement.

What will kids learn with these coding games?
* Recognize patterns to complete all levels
* Order actions in a logical sequence
* Learn to implement patterns in their day to day life
* Use those patterns to make their code well organized
* Discover the right actions needed to solve each level

Kids can easily learn to code with educational games. Download Kidlo Coding App For Kids to train their brain in a fun and easy way!

If you children are like mine, curious and love solving problems, download this app and watch them work. As mentioned above, programming is the new essential skill for today’s kids. So show them Kidlo Coding and give them a head start. They will love it! #ad

For more on learning KidloLand apps for younger kids – click here KidloLand

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