Picture Keeper Connect


There is not enough available storage to take a photo. 

Does this message look familiar? Are you one of those photographers, momtogs, dads, selfie queens? I am! OOOPS!🤦 I average about 1500-2000 photos a month. YES, a month. Yes, on my cell phone. Don’t even ask how many are on my Nikon HA-HA! What do you do when this happens? Delete photos that you think are not necessary, duplicates, blurry ones, etc??? Continue to take photos only to come across this message again in a few days?! Yup, we’ve all done it. But now you don’t have to! Picture Keeper made it so simple to back up your photos and videos from your cell phone, tablet and even computers with a quick, portable USB that plugs right into your device. 😮


I back up all of my clients photos immediately after their session. Trust me, I have lost sessions before and it still haunts me. I definitely back up all of my cell photos every 1 to 2 months. Because like my clients photos, I have lost mine as well. But not anymore! Picture Keeper Connect [ad] is so quick and easy to use. So what is this magical gadget?


Picture Keeper Connect is an all-in-one backup device that downloads photos, videos and contacts directly from your smartphone or tablet. With the many photos taken during the holidays, the Picture Keeper Connect helps avoid the dreaded “Out of Storage” message on your phone.

Why is the Picture Keeper Connect the perfect gift?

  • It easily backs up photos, videos, and contacts directly from your phone to save all your precious memories.
  • Easy to use on the go because of compatibility with iOS & Android devices, as well as Mac & PC computers.
  • No WiFi or data needed, and zero monthly fees.
  • Frees up storage on your phone or tablet – making room for new photos and memories.
  • Allows for easy transfer between devices.
  • Skips duplicate photos and videos.
  • Custom gifts & prints can be created directly from the app. #ad

They offer three different sizes for the avid photo-taker: 16GB (holds approximately 8,000 photos), 32GB (approximately 16,000 photos), and 64GB (approximately 32,000 photos). #ad

Get your Picture Keeper and never worry about storage again. These will make awesome holiday gifts. As a matter of fact, this is THE gift to get for your loved ones. #ad Especially those selfie kings and queens 🤳 WANT TO SAVE 40% OFF – YEA YOU DO 🙂 

 use my code HAZELEYESMOM40


Thank me later 😉

x, Dijana


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