Great Kids Snacks


When it comes to snacks, I am obsessed. So are my kids. We are grazers around here 🙈 I often find myself looking for healthier alternatives to some of our favorite snacks and it is not always easy. We have tried and failed on many occasions. The taste is not the same and it is not always worth the change. However, I came across Great Kids Snacks and ordered their monthly 30 snack box and we were impressed. So many varieties of healthier snacks for all of us to try and the taste was up to par! So fun and delicious!

What is this monthly subscription?

Great Kids Snacks is an easy way for kids and families to be healthier by discovering delicious and healthy new snacks – delivered directly to your door every month!  Based out of San Diego, CA we work with leading brands and great new ones we’ve discovered to bring great tasting snacks to you!  All products are organic or all natural, and we have 20 & 30 count boxes available, and a 30 count gluten free snack box option!  Enjoy fun, variety and convenience!  Plus FREE shipping and you can cancel at anytime.  Address the snack box to your child, for added excitement!  Our mission is to help kids eat healthier – and make it more FUN!

Please try them out, you will not regret it. You can cancel anytime if you feel like this is not for you. But I have a feeling you will love it. There is something for everyone in there. Besides who doesn’t want healthy snacking that is convenient and fun for the family?! A great box full of organic and all natural snacks delivered to your door each month. You can choose from a 20 or 30 snack box, and even a gluten free box. Plus free shipping!

If you are a grandparent or have nieces and nephews in a different city or state, this would make a fantastic birthday, holiday, or just anytime gift. Imagine a box of snacks being delivered every month to those kids? They will be so happy just like my kids were when they opened it! They didn’t know what to try first. It was so fun to watch!!!



I would love to hear from you when you do receive your first box. Let me know what you think!!! #ad

x, Dijana


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