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Happy New Year 2018 🥂

I don’t know how tired you are but I am pretty beat. The last few weeks have been a blur. Not only because I was busy shopping and running around but because I had two sick kiddos on my hands. This flu hit my little one pretty hard and we spent the first week of winter break indoors. A true staycation 🤣 and use of our imagination.

One thing our kids do a lot around here is pretend play.  On some days they will both dress up, set up a whole scene in the play room and invite my husband and I to watch their performance/ show. Other days they create their own world of make belief and completely devote their day and energy to imagination. I truly enjoy their creativity.

Last week was no different. Even with the flu around and when the fever subsided, the kids had some energy to make their own fun. Some screen time, a few movies, board games, and mostly pretend Princess and Ninja plays. But there was a lot of sleeping, cuddling and medicine too.

Adriana wasn’t as bad and spent part of her days tangled [pun intended] in Rapuzel land.  Thanks to a wonderful partnership with Little Adventures Dress Up we received this beautiful dress that she absolutely adores. It is so comfortable, affordable, adorable and best of all machine washable. I tossed it in the washer immediately and it did not miss a beat. You can really tell they spent time on each and every detail. Here are some fun shots I was able to sneak in before she shut the door on me 🤣



How fun is that dress? Just as fun as my silly girl! 😍

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In the meantime, you can use my code HAZELEYES15% UNTIL JANUARY 31ST, 2018 and save 15% on dress up clothes for your Prince or Princess. Tons of choices for boys and girls. Happy shopping! [ad/sponsored]

x, Dijana


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