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Let me be honest, I am not a workout fanatic. I enjoy walking, hiking, and jogging from time to time but I get bored easily. I need change in order to stay focused and always look for workouts that are different and keep my mind and body busy!

Here is one that I always come back to – Kettlebell!

A few years ago I joined a local Kettlebell class and fell in love with it. It was such a great workout and every day was different. They really focused on making sure that we were not bored and every day was something new.  That is when I realized those types of workouts are for me!

I unfortunately stopped going to the gym for personal reasons but it did not stop me from creating something similar at home. I found this on the Women’s Health website and it is perfect for me. Try it and you may love it too. Besides, this workout burns so many calories in a short period of time [if done properly] and builds muscle at the same time.

Disclaimer: I am not a professional but I would suggest that you look up videos or take a class on proper techniques and lifting Kettlebells. There are simple tricks and rules that need to be followed. This is strictly to keep you safe and from hurting your back.


You can purchase a Kettlebell from any store these days. But if you like the convenience of online shopping – here is the one I have: 15lb Kettlebell 

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x, Dijana

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x, Dijana

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  1. Have you tried any of the T-25 or Insanity workouts? I’m the same way, I need change to stay involved and they really do the trick and have always helped me loose weight and get in better shape every time I’ve done them!

    1. I did but they are too hard 🙁

      1. Oh I don’t think I’ve ever made it all the way through one with out stopping like 20 times! Lol

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