Treat someone to a little ZEN!

Box subscriptions are all the craze right now. They are fun, convenient and exciting.

I came across this YUZEN box and thought it would be perfect for me and my mommy friends. We are always so stressed out and these little seasonal ZEN boxes are exactly what we need. It’s like sending yourself or someone you care about a box of hugs.

So what is this YUZEN box? It is a pay-as-you-go Seasonal Subscription which does not have an end date [you can cancel anytime].  It is $35 and is charged seasonally – February, May, August, and November. It includes products of the highest quality at a premium value. Every box has an estimated retail value generally between $60 – $100. I love that it gives me a chance to try something new but without buying the full product. This way if I don’t like it, I didn’t waste a lot of money. But if I end up loving it, I order more!

This time I received a subscription box and a birthday gift box for a friend. Both are equally beautiful and filled with high quality natural and organic personal products and even a snack!

This winter box includes everything you need for a moms day off. An array of products that will help you relax and recharge. Plan an afternoon for yourself, draw a bath, grab a book, a glass of wine and enjoy your day with a little help from YUZEN. My favorite from this box is the Aromaflage sleep fragrance. You spray it on your pillow before bed and its so luxurious and relaxing! Give them a try –


x, Dijana


What Will I Receive?
Each box includes high-quality natural and organic personal care products, healthy snacks, and lifestyle items carefully chosen from about 6 companies.

What is the difference between the Subscription Box and the Gift Box?
Gift boxes are single boxes not attached to a subscription. They feature a beautiful inner box and products that have been previous fan favorites and are different from the current Subscription Box and typically valued at $60-120. We include the option to send a short custom note to the recipient for that nice custom touch!

What Does Yuzen Mean?
Yuzen describes traditional Japanese patterns originally designed for silk kimonos prized for beauty, premium craftsmanship, and attentiveness to detail. Today, these patterns are incorporated into intricate handmade Japanese paper, known as Yuzen or Chiyogami. We strive to have our Yuzen box embody the same attentiveness to premium quality and beautiful design. When making selections for each box, we always look for excellence, mission, and integrity before we put it to our Yuzen test—evaluating its performance, experiencing the benefits first-hand, and then sharing our favorites with you.

How Is Yuzen Different From Sample Box Subscriptions?
We have seen the emergence of the sample box trend, but many do not offer products that are eco-friendly, natural, or organic. We also focus on the experience of relaxation, pause, and delight that each box embodies. Our selection is carefully designed for a well rounded offering presented in an elegant package. Many of our products are premium sample-sized and can last a long time, and each box is valued at much more than the subscription price. We recognize that consumers have begun asking where they can find the purest and best quality products but are often overwhelmed by all the choices. Each Yuzen box is carefully curated to provide amazing, healthy lifestyle products you can trust.

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