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Ahoy mateys!

I am always looking for new and creative ways to bring hands on play to my kids. It is no secret that all kids want to do these days is play on their tablets or watch television. But there is so much more to childhood than that!

Kids Night In box is a perfect example of something new, fun and creative. It is another entertaining subscription service for kids 3 to 11 years of age. Each box revolves around the whole family and spending quality time together! It will include several activities, themed based that require some assembly, creativity and tons of good old fashion FUN!

As you probably guessed already, this months theme was all about Pirates!

Our box included a fun Pete the Cat book with stickers, a fidget spinner and team building activity, kids favorite snack, Pirate Yoga instructions, and a book full of pirates booty aka treasure 😆.

This was really fun!


This service also has options for DATE & FAITH night in boxes. Their hope is that you walk away from your Date Night In feeling more connected to your significant other or Faith Night In more connected to God.

Please visit Night In Boxes for more details on how you can have a complete night in with your partner or family delivered to your door.

x, Dijana

What is kids night in?!

So, if your kids are like our kids, they have a bunch of toys that they are into for about a week and then the appeal wears off and the toys collect dust.

We are about providing you with experiences that you and your children will share together. Every month, we will send you a box giving your special little one(s) the perfect Kids night In.

shhhhh… don’t tell the little ones but we sneak in a little learning, a get up and move around activity, A healthy snack, and more spontaneous fun, all to help make a moment that will last a lifetime. [ad]

For fun pirate tunes, click here:

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