All about the PJs

Good morning! 

I don’t know about you but we love PJs around here. Some weekends and no school days are spent entirely in pajamas. Kids have about 6 sets each and it is by far our favorite attire 🤣 However, when it comes to quality nightwear, I think we have hit the jackpot  with Green Rose. WoW!


Why Green Rose? 

It is incredibly soft and cozy. I tossed it in the wash as soon as I received it and it did not skip a beat. Some pajamas tend to shrink and are very staticy, but not Green Rose. What I love the most about them is they are so lightweight and breathable. Donnie sweats a lot and this pajama is a lifesaver for kids like him. Plus if your child is sensitive, their products are hypoallergenic and best of all, sooooo warm!

They carry a wide range of pajamas, women, men and kids clothing as well.

Check them out for yourself at but in the mean time look at my cutie in his new favorite PJs! 😍

10% off —> use HAZELEYES until 3.22.2018



GREEN ROSE offers the highest quality baby pajamas and nightdresses for your children. They are made of bamboo and merino wool and this is the best outfit for your calm baby’s sleep. They  have an ability to breath, they absorb sweat and are anti-allergic (do not cause any irritation). GREEN ROSE bamboo and merino wool pajamas and sleep dresses have all these requirements.


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