5 Important Rules of Marriage

Good morning!

Recently, I was presented with an opportunity to be a contributing blogger for Date Night In and of course I said YES. My first post for their website was published yesterday and I wanted to share it with all of you.

This month I covered a very important topic: Rules of Marriage


Now… this isn’t exactly how every couple views marriage. These are merely key principals in our relationship that may inspire others to make a change, if necessary.
Even though our lives are constantly changing, some simple rules of any partnership should remain the same. Don’t you agree? I would love to hear some of your thoughts and ideas. Please share in the comments but in the mean time check out my first post for Date Night In! Let me know what you think.
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Have a great week ♡
X, Dijana

Last month’s Date Night In and their Delivered With Love theme promised to transport us to the 1920s, take on fun characters in search for hidden clues and lead us to our final destination. Love letters, dinner menu, dessert and all ♡ It was a blast. Lots of laughs and some serious connecting. So different and pure fun. Check them out here: Date Night In

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