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If you are anything like me, your phone’s battery does NOT last a full day. Between all of the photos I take, texts and all of the social media updates I make, my battery is dead by end of the day. Sometimes I forget to charge my phone at night and in the morning I am struggling to charge it fast enough. I have a charger in my car at all times but I am not always at home or in the car to charge my phone. Plus, does it seem like your phone is  dying at the most inconvenient times?! Right when you want to pull up your Target Cartwheel app or respond to an important email?! Yet you are no where near a charger! Well, that is my life 😆 and thanks to Tablet2Cases, I no longer have to worry about that or my kids tablets running out of juice on the go! Check it out.

2pc Power Bank Set + Wireless Charging Station [MANGATA ORBIT] 2x 5000mAh Fast Charge Battery Bank Charging Dock – No Cable Clutter: Desk, Family Home, Office – iPhone, Samsung, iPad, Phone [Graphite]

  • POWER UP & GO – Get through your busy day without fearing your personal devices will die!  Just charge up your power banks in the neatly designed wireless charging station, then grab one as you leave home or the office – and just go!
  • NO POWER OUTLET? NO PROBLEM! – Hate that frantic rush to find a wall socket in time? With the Mangata Orbit, you’ll never have to deal with it again with a spare power bank. Each powerbank has a 5000 mAh capacity, enough battery power to recharge an iPhone 2.5 times. And with a power surge protector built-in, you never have to worry about the damage electricity fluctuations can do either.
  • AVOID THE CABLE CLUTTER – Recharging multiple power banks at once can cause table-top bedlam. Avoid the mess that multiple cables create by docking your power bank to charge wirelessly. The streamline-designed Orbit wireless charging dock station will sit neatly out of the way. PLUS it will save you time (and hassle) plugging cables into each power bank!
  • ALWAYS HAVE SPARE – The Mangata Orbit USB charging station is a dual charging dock, so you can always have a spare ready – just in case! Simply insert the provided power packs into a USB port each, so you’re always ready when your iPhone or tablet needs reviving. Each portable power bank is small enough to slip into a bag, pocket, purse, or backpack, allowing you to recharge your devices anywhere. Perfect for today’s Digital Nomads!
  • OUR RISK-FREE PROMISE – Ever buy a charging dock that didn’t do what was promised? The Mangata Orbit power bank charger comes with a manufacturer’s 1 year-warranty against all defects, and we are so confident it will extend the battery life of your Apple and Android devices, we’re offering a 100% refund if it doesn’t!




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