Birthday Party Must Haves

S T O P  T H E  T I M E  P L E A S E

Our baby girl will be 8 in less then 20 days and she wants to plan her entire birthday party by herself. WHAT?! That used to be my job! I pride myself on putting together something fun and girly for her. But she is growing up right in front of my eyes and I can’t do anything about it [insert ugly cry]. At least she let me create her birthday invites 😍 for now!

Here are a few of her requests.

The theme of her party is CATS. She loves cats but we do not have a cat. She would love to have one but we just can not have animals in the house at this time. So until then, we will have a Cat birthday party!


Since she picked the cat theme, we decided that we would design an invite together. We searched some cat clipart online and eventually decided on this one. We put it all together and used to print these beauties. They came out great! Fantastic quality and very reasonable. Check them out when you get a chance.


She also wanted everything pink, gold and black. So we found these amazing balloons on Amazon – AOSTAR 15 Pcs. 12″ Confetti Latex Glitter Party Balloons  They are so pretty and easy to blow up. If you choose to blow them up yourself, purchase the balloon sticks to hold them up. Otherwise, take them to your local party store and fill them with helium. The best part it, 15 balloons for under $10 and they are reusable!!!!! Go check them out asap!!


Next thing she requested is a chocolate fountain. She is obsessed with this. Every year on vacation, you can bet that Adriana will be at the chocolate fountain! She loves it that much. But what is there not to love. Favorite treats dipped in hot, melted, delicious chocolate?! Sign me up too! 😆

We also found this on Amazon [Nostalgia 4-tier Chocolate Fountain]


Last MUST HAVE – “mom you have to make me a CAT cake.” I can’t find that on Amazon HA HA but I will do my best to make sure my princess has a CAT cake for her birthday. Stay tuned for a follow up post in the next few weeks. I will share all of our decorations, ideas and of course THE CAT CAKE! Plus you will see how these wonderful balloons enhanced our party and tied everything together.

x, Dijana & Adriana

More about the fun balloons:

  • ★【Prefilled with Confetti】There is a large amount of colored confetti inside each balloon. After parties, you may pop the balloons and let the confetti fall all over which increase lots of fun to the party!
  • ★【Wide Application】Perfect party supplies and decorations for adding romantic and festive atmosphere to happy wedding, engagement, birthday party, bridal shower, graduation, etc.
  • ★【What You’ll Get】Each pack includes 15pcs confetti balloons with Mouth Pieces which helps you blow up the balloons and stops the air from coming back out, you don’t even have to tie them within the first few hours!
  • ★【Size & Material】12″- inflated / 4.9″- uninflated. High quality latex materials make them durable and reusable. Note: The balloons are flat packed and ready to be filled with air.
  • ★【IMPORTANT】Shake balloons or rub on a carpeted surface to let confetti cling to the sides, then you will get a balloon like pictures. Be aware of safety in use & Have fun!

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