All About Cats – 8th Birthday Party

H A P P Y  8 t h  B I R T H D A Y

Our beautiful baby girl celebrated her 8th birthday over the weekend and it was a blast. Not technically a baby anymore and definitely growing up too fast but she will always be our little girl!

I’ve mentioned a few posts back that I would share her party with all of you and here it is. Cats galore! Her ideas, her plans/ requests and our first birthday party AT HOME.  To be able to host it in our house and with her closest girlfriends, was extra special. I particularly loved all of the ideas she had and how passionate she was about planning everything. Wonder who she takes after? 😉 Love her and her quirky cat loving ways.


Let me start off by mentioning these Pretty Gold Balloons by Nouwee!!! Perfect for any party but they complimented our sweets table so beautifully. You can find this and so many more fun party kits and supplies at

It comes in this beautiful packaging and it is so easy to blow up. I used some double sided tape so they would stick to my backdrop and it was magical.


Next, let’s talk cupcakes! I love baking, especially for my kids birthdays. Usually chocolate is the flavor of choice but not this time. This year, Miss Adriana requested vanilla cupcakes. Which is typically not my forte – so Betty Crocker to the rescue. I also prepared a simple whipped cream + folded in some thawed cool whip + added a drop of red food coloring to compliment those super moist cupcakes with the perfect pink frosting.

Don’t worry, I will not skip the cutest cats E V E R!!! Thanks to The Unique Day for creating these fabulous and glittery Kitty Cat cupcake toppers for us. They were definitely a hit with the girls 💕 Check her out on etsy for more fun, creative party goods!

Get 20% off by using my code: TUD20OFF @


I purposely did not want to plan too many activities for the girls. I knew that would be risky but I really wanted them to just be kids and make their own fun. So we only prepared one game and that was a carnival balloon pop. Everyone took turns to pop a balloon and had a chance to get a small surprise. Some balloons were empty while others, Adriana and I filled with quarters, candy, dollar bills or gum. They thought it was super fun and I would definitely recommend it for kids birthday parties.


Adriana did add a cute gumball guessing game which was super quick! However, I made the girls wait until almost end of the party to announce the winner 😆 and that made it suspenseful and fun. The girl whose guess was the closest,  won a special goodie bag. And to my surprise, one of them guessed exactly how many gumballs were in the jar 😍 and she got to keep the gumballs as well!!!


Finally, I can not forget the chocolate fountain! This was a surprise from us to Adriana because she loves chocolate fountains. So when she saw me pull this out, she screamed and could not wait to tell everyone about it.

It was the talk of the party. It was the main attraction. It was chocolate heaven!

I will never have another party without it. So much fun and enjoyment from the kids. If I didn’t have anything else at the party, this would have been more then enough. I served it with pieces of pound cake, strawberries, apples, pretzels and marshmallows. But I think the girls took a spoon to it several times 🤣

What I also love about this product is that I can make it a CHEESE fountain as well. YES, you read that right = hello wine & cheese nights 😆


Other things from the party included

Overall, having ten 8 year old girls at the house and only 1 game, was scary. But I must say I was impressed with all of them. They got along so well. Even though some of them did not go to the same school, they played so well together. They played good old fashioned board games. They laughed, they danced, played with dolls and stuffed animals. They went outside and took turns. Played with chalk and drew pictures. They confirmed my belief that childhood is still alive. Amidst all of the technology and video games, they were little girls who just wanted to have fun!!!


x, Dijana

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x, Dijana

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  1. Very cute ideas! Happy birthday Adriana!

    1. Thank you Lisa ♡

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