TV: binge worthy shows

We don’t watch television often but when we do, we binge.

There were several shows we tried to watch and just gave up. Some were just hard to get into but once we did, we loved them. Others are just great from the start! Here is a quick guide to some of our favorite binge worthy shows.

While I try to stay away from movies or series that tend to have too much violence my husband likes action. Often times I will watch these types of shows with him but because we mainly watch TV at night, I hate going to bed with terror on my mind. So on this list you will find a little bit of everything but mainly my picks. 😉


Sneaky Pete: We had a subscription to Amazon Prime and tried this show. It started off a little slow but we loved it. It is very suspenseful and about a con-man who ends up stealing the identity from his cellmate. All to try and avoid paying back the money that he owed to a gangster. It is not gruesome but still has action – which I like.  I love the main character and just his acting is perfection. Wish we could watch season 2 as well!


Splitting up together: This one is new and it has one of our favorite characters from the old show The Office, Jenna Fisher. I love how realistic and funny the show is but my husband can’t get into it. He says he just can’t picture Pam without Jim 🤣 The comedy is not over the top but just right. It is about a couple who decides to divorce but remain in the same house and their lives as they move on.


13 reasons why: This was gut-wrenching but with such an important message. I had to see it and while I understand why it was controversial, I believe the meaning and stories behind suicide is crucial. I would say proceed with caution if you have not seen this already.


Ozark: This one took me a few episodes to fully engage. But once I did, it was great. I can not wait for the 2nd season. It’s slow developing but the characters are great and the story line is catchy.  It is about a financial adviser who gets sucked into drug money laundering.


Bloodline: This is more of a family and secrets type of show. It goes through good times and bad times. Portraits each character with many secrets and how it impacts everyone and ultimately the family. Very suspenseful and you never know who is doing what and how it will change the course of the show.


Imposters: I think this show is a combo of funny and creative. It took me a while to piece it all together but once I did, I liked where it was going. I am glad there is a season 2 but I hope it is as good as the first one. I particularly like that I am always guessing who is in on it and who they will con next.


Girlfriends guide to divorce: Fun, realistic, girly, but nicely done. Another simple but catchy show for women. It is one of those shows you just sit and can watch for hours and never get bored. But it is not scary or criminal in nature. Just feel good show with several nice messages here and there.


How to get away with murder: This will keep you on your toes. Lots of secrets. Lots of deception. Lots of courtroom drama. Keeps you guessing until the end. The characters are great.


Seven seconds: Super important to watch this show. A mom who does not give up on justice for her son. She will do whatever it takes. It is very realistic and greatly done. Reminds me of the American Crime show.


Being Mary Jane: This is a fun show to watch. I love it as it reminds me of Sex and the City. Very girly but addresses some real issues at work, in life and for women.

What are some of your favorites? Please comment below!

x, Dijana


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x, Dijana

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