New Organic Hazelnut Spread – Once Again Nut Butter Amoré

I grew up eating hazelnut spread and if you have been following me on social media, you know my love for this product runs deep. Our kids request crepes every weekend and what do we eat them with, hazelnut spread of course. But recently I was presented with a wonderful opportunity to sample a new brand of hazelnut spread and you guessed it, I jumped at the chance. In partnership with one of my favorite mom groups, MomsMeet, I present to you Once Again Nut Butter Amoré Hazelnut Spread and our favorite ways to eat it.

Couple of things that immediately stood out about this spread:

  • made with no artificial flavors, colors or oils
  • non-GMO, Certified Organic
  • holds the cleanest label for this type of product in the ENTIRE industry
  • it has fewer calories and less saturated fat then the leading hazelnut spread

However, once I tried the actual product, I was sold. It is absolutely decadent, smooth and just delightful. It tastes gourmet. The cocoa flavor really stands out and the hazelnuts are rich and buttery. We tried it with waffles, pancakes, toast, fruit and more. But it is fantastic on its own as well and I don’t feel guilty eating it. 💕

Do you want your own box of free Once Again products?

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Once Again Nut Butter Sweepstakes

Enter for a chance to win a free case of Once Again Nut Butter product and a toy raccoon. The sweepstakes is open on between April 24 through May 9. The winners will be announced during the Once Again Nut Butter Facebook Live May 10! Make sure you follow Once Again Nut Butter on all social media channels listed below for your chance to win your own box! Good luck!

In the meantime, look for them at your local grocery store or online.

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Did you know? Once Again holds a Level 3 Safe Quality Foods certification, the highest level of food safety a company can achieve. Their raccoon logo, lovingly named Rocky after the famous Beatles song Rocky Raccoon, was inspired by four baby raccoons that were found on their factory grounds. They were raised on organic nut butters, then released back into the wild.

Once Again Nut Butter is an employee-owned business located in upstate
New York that has been manufacturing nut butters, seed butters, and
honeys since 1976. Their nut and seed butters are all gluten-free certified,
non-GMO verified, certified organic, vegan, and kosher. Once Again
Nut Butter follows Fair Trade and Sustainability standards for their farm
partners, suppliers, and prices.

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