Q&A – All about moi!

A few weeks ago, I gave my followers an opportunity to ask me anything they wanted to know. It was a fun experience. Thank you to those who participated and you all for reading!

Here are the answers to those questions.

How did you start blogging?

I always loved writing but it was my excitement of sharing our experiences with others that made me start a blog. It was a long time coming and I was scared. But after I moved on from photography as a business, I needed another outlet. So www.hazeleyesmom.com was born. It has been almost 10 months and I absolutely love it. 

You mentioned before that you are a content creator, what is that?

When I first started blogging I did not know I would be presented with so many new opportunities. I joined several amazing mom groups and some social media support systems and I have learned a ton. Through those groups, I was introduced to small businesses that love working with bloggers. Not only do I get a chance to try new products but I am also part of their marketing. They trust my photography skills to create content for their brands. In other words, I test their products, photograph it, review it where applicable and share my experience with my followers. How fun is that?! 

Does your significant other like being an Instagram husband?

HA! Not always. He knows a lot of it is part of what I do but sometimes, just like photography, I go overboard. I struggle to find the balance between work and personal life because I love taking pictures. Therefore at times, I miss out on family moments. But I am tying to be better and he has adapted to my craziness very well. 

Do you miss doing photography as a business?

Oh, this is bitter sweet. I miss the families that I grew to love. I miss the creative side of photography but I actually do not miss the business. It was stressful and too competitive. I am not that type of person and I do not like unnecessary stress. However, I still get to enjoy the beauty of photography with blogging and most importantly with my family. So I win either way! 

Tips on photographing kids?

Let them be kids. Don’t try to force them in poses or situations that you very well know they won’t like. Create a setting they love, a play area but only bring 1 toy. Preferably something that matches their outfit. That way it doesn’t stand out more then the kids! Try to capture them when they are the happiest [playing] or messiest [creating]. These are always my favorite memories. When I look back at a photo, it evokes so many emotions. I can immediately remember exactly what they were doing and why they felt the way they did. Isn’t that the whole point of having this awesome gadget? To freeze time!!!

What is your favorite dessert?

Oh gosh, I have so many but if I had to pick right now, I would probably say banana cream pie. 

How tall are you?

Really? Just kidding. I thought I shared this several times on Instagram but I am actually 5’3″.

Are your eyes really hazel?

Yes! They change depending on lighting, mood, or what color shirt I am wearing that day. They can be super green, light brown, brown, speckles of green but mostly they are both brown & green.

What kind of music are you always posting? I don’t understand it lol!

This made me laugh. I love all genres of music. I don’t even have to understand it to love it. I enjoy the beat and if it makes me move, I am sold. I like to listen to American artists of course, but I also post Bosnian, Serbian and Spanish music a lot as well. 

What was your favorite vacation thus far?

I think my most memorable vacation was to Saona Island, Dominican Republic. It is the one that I always mention whenever someone talks about vacations. There was something about the luxurious catamaran ride, the actual pink sand beach is something you only see in magazines. A swim in what they called the “natural pool” in the middle of the ocean, ahhhh- it was magical. But because it was something my husband and I got to experience together, it made it the best vacation for me thus far. 

What is your ultimate marriage advice?

Talk to each other. I can not believe how many times I hear both men and women say that they don’t talk to their partners. Yet they talk about each other to strangers. How does that even make sense? Please, pretty please, talk to your spouse. The only people that can understand your situation, is you. 

What do you like to spend money on without feeling guilty?

Oh that is a loaded question haha. But I have a feeling you all know the answer to this one. I love my coffee. I will take a coffee date/ break any chance I get. I give everything to my family and when mama needs a break, coffee to the rescue. I deserve it! But another thing that I never feel guilty about are vacations. They mean everything to me and I will not give it up unless absolutely necessary! 

What is your favorite coffee?

My favorite is Starbucks Verona. It is smooth but with dark tones and perfect for my mornings. But my favorite drinks at Starbucks are Caramel Macciato and double shot on ice. 

Do you really drink as much coffee as you say you do?

Yes. I drink it about 3 times a day. I actually enjoy the taste of coffee so I will drink it black with no cream or sugar. 

Well that is all folks. Thanks for being nosey, lol just kidding. This was fun.

x, Dijana



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