What’s in my beauty bag? Vacation mode!

As I am sitting here packing for my summer vacation, I think to myself “I need to share some of these with my followers!”

While I don’t like to bring too much stuff, I am bringing a few new beauty items that are life changing and worth mentioning. They range from a multi functioning lotion to a mini flosser. Random but essential! Come check them out.

  • Dark Circles


This is my biggest nemesis! I know it’s partially hereditary but I am always looking for ways to fix it! So I found two products that I swear by and one of them is this VIICode One Course Treatment for Dark Circles. What attracted me to this product, like many of my products, are the ingredients. Grapeseed oil, seaweed & white tea. Super simple and effective. I am using this in preparation for my vacation so I don’t look like a raccoon when I land!



VIIcode eye mask box contains 6 packets, 2 pads each and per instructions, I used it twice a week.

The pads are an 8 hour overnight treatment, which is completely different from anything on the market. It is a gel like material which is cold with a slight tingle when applied. They suggest using it while sleeping but it did not stay on as well as I hoped. So I preferred to wear it about 2-4 hours before I went to bed and that seemed to work just fine.

So what does this do? This essentially helps with blood flow, circulation, it boosts oxygen intake and combats wrinkles, all while relieving you from tired eyes and dark circles. Best of all it plumps up and smooth the skin around the eyes as well!


  • Oral hygiene

Oral hygiene is extremely important to me so let’s start with my new mini flosser by Flossolution! Ever since I had my first traumatic dentist experience as a kid, I promised myself that I would take care of my teeth. I strive to do whatever it takes to avoid any unnecessary treatments but of course keep my annual cleaning visits. Even though I try my best, cavities still happen! Mainly because one thing that I slack on is flossing. But because of people like me, one smart dentist was tired of hearing complaints how flossing takes too long and it’s too painful, so he created Mini by Flossolution! He came up with something that makes flossing as easy as brushing. “…breakthrough, patented system that provides a WHOLE TOOTH clean and makes flossing easy, fast and painless.”

It comes with 10 Reusable Microflossers and a dual directional suction cup mount for easy placement on bathroom counter-tops and mirrors. It is so easy to use for adults and kids and it really feels like it gets in the crevices but without causing irritation. I particularly like that it’s portable and perfect for my vacation!

Right not they are offering BOGO on their website but limited quantities are available so HURRY!!! http://www.flossolution.com/


  • Nail Polish

My favorite brand is Sally Hansen! I have all of their collections. From MIRACLE GEL to INSTA-DRI, to Salon Manicure and Extreme Wear! But what I love about them the most is how long they last. For someone who washes dishes all day long #momlife, this is super important! The polishes are long lasting, come in beautiful colors, they don’t chip easily, and they have a beautiful shine. I always get compliments when I use this brand and I always bring back up on my vacation. You never know when you will need a touch up.


  • Hair Butter

I have always loved ogx hair products. They are simple and pure. One product in particular is multi functioning and that intrigued me immediately. Creamy Hair Butter! Not only can I use it as a leave in conditioner but also as a body lotion. Yes, it’s 2 in 1 and it saves space in my suitcase! Plus it smells amazing! This unique blend, infused with argan oil, silk amino acids, soybean oil, coconut oil, and shea butter extract, helps moisturize while creating soft, touchable tresses that shine. It’s divine!


Those are just a few of my newbies – give them a try and let me know what you think!

In the mean time check me out on Instagram and be sure to follow our vacation adventures! Stay tuned.

x, Dijana

I received this item as a gift in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. This page may contain affiliate links as well. 





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