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Get ready for one of my many BACK TO SCHOOL blog posts that are coming your way. But this one might be the easiest and the most fun!

Do you ever find yourself wishing you had a personal chef? Someone who would strictly focus on preparing your kids meals so you wouldn’t have to worry so much? Well, I do. Maybe not every day but some school days are crazy buys and that is where YUMBLE comes to the rescue.

What is YUMBLE?

Yumble is a healthy kids meal delivery service that provides delicious and fully cooked meals specifically designed for kids!

“Every parent wants their children to eat fresh, healthy foods – but our generation of parents is so busy. We just don’t have time.”



  • Stress-free / healthy and fun!
  • The variety of meals that Yumble offers is fantastic. They have about 20 meals that range from breakfast to lunch, dinner and even snacks.
  • To keep up with changes and seasons they add fresh new meal options every week.
  • Yumble offers 6, 12 or 24 meals per week options. Each week you can choose a different meal kit to change things up.
  • As with other meal kit delivery services, you can skip a week or cancel at any time.
  • The meals are packaged in individual containers with ice packs to keep them safe during transit.
  • All of the meals are ready to eat! They are fully cooked and arrive fresh at your door. Some meals require a little heating, but others are ready to be enjoyed at room temperature and on the go.
  • The containers are safe for the microwave or oven up to 375 degrees.
  • Our box included Yumble coloring pages and reward coins!
  • They are not a nut free facility but they do cater to gluten free, egg free, dairy free, and vegetarian diets.


PIZZA EMPANADA – served with cheddar cheese sprinkled mashed potatoes and broccoli

SWEET BUFFALOADED CHICKEN WRAP – buffalo chicken wrap served with avocado chips and crunchy chia bar

CHILI CHILI BANG BANG – hearty vegetarian chili served with brown rice

FINGER LICKIN’ CHICKEN FINGERS – crunchy chicken fingers served with hash browns and broccoli

CHEESEBURGER EMPANADA – served with loaded mashed potatoes

TURKEY CHEDDAR PINWHEELS – served with crunchy pretzels and edamame beans

“As parents we never have enough time. Yumble is here to help you take some of that stress off your plate. No pun intended!”




I thoroughly enjoy the idea of YUMBLE. Making meals for kids isn’t always easy and I love the convenience of having something different yet healthy to relieve me on those busy days. Thank you YUMBLE!

For 30% off your first two boxes – click on any of the links above or use DIbric30 at check out!

You are welcome.

x, Dijana

I received this item as a gift in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. This page may contain affiliate links as well. 

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