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Today we are tackling the daunting task of school lunches!

In just a few short weeks, I will have 2 kids in school full time! While that sounds fantastic and allows for more me time, it isn’t as glamorous.

Because both of my kids have different tastes and likes, we have already started to individually analyze the school lunch calendar. I printed two [one for each kid] and have marked their favorites while planning ahead for the other “homemade” (we ran out of YUMBLE ) lunch days.

October 17, 2018 is National Bring Your Parents To Lunch Day! It is your opportunity to join your child in their cafeteria to learn about what goes into serving healthy meals.

Last year I really did not have too many options. Adriana ate a salami sandwich at least 3 days a week and Donnie had chips or cookies!!! Yup #momfail.  This year, her pallet is definitely different and she isn’t as picky but my son may continue to be a challenge.

Considering both children and their likes/ dislikes I have put together a list of lunch ideas that I pray will work for us and may work with your kids as well. Hopefully this gives you a few new ideas and saves you some time as well.

Include the kids in your prep and make them part of the process, they will more likely try something new. 

I am also not about wasting food or time so this list does not involve any cute cut out cheese characters or puzzle sandwiches. I don’t over pack either because they only need enough to get them through the day. Quality over quantity and they won’t be sluggish through the afternoon.

As far as drinks go – we always pack a water bottle. If they choose to have lunch at school they typically drink milk but on any other day, it’s water.

If you have any more suggestions and ideas feel free to comment or you can always tag me on social media! Happy packing 💕

About Lunch Day:

National Take Your Parents to Lunch Day is an event that takes place each October. Parents visit their child’s school and have lunch with them in the cafeteria in order to learn more about what goes into putting together a healthy lunch. It is also the perfect opportunity for parents and school officials to open the lines of communication so they can work together to provide kids with the healthiest meals possible. Learn more about how your school can participate in Lunch Day by visiting

x, Dijana

Quesadillas Bananas Pretzels Ketchup
Hard boiled eggs Apple slices Goldfish Ranch
Turkey, Ham, Salami slices Bell peppers Crackers Sour cream
Mac N Cheese Grapes Muffins Cottage cheese
Chicken Nuggets Cucumber slices Bagel Honey
Hot Dog Strawberries Chips
String Cheese Carrots Cookies
Pizza Bites Celery sticks Popcorn
Ravioli Cherry Tomatoes Granola bar
Spaghetti Lettuce Waffle bites
Pancakes or waffles Berries Mini Pancakes
Cheese and crackers Oranges/ cuties
PBJ Sandwich
Cold meat sandwich
Bagel w cream cheese
Leftover pasta
Zucchini squares
Turkey roll ups
Pigs in a blanket

Bentgo Lunch Box


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