Prebiotics, Probiotics, Postbiotics?!

As someone who has suffered from IBS [Irritable Bowl Syndrome] most of their adult life, I know the importance of digestive health. I’ve tried several different products, remedies and prescription medication but it always comes back.

Although my diet includes probiotic foods, such as yogurt, I needed something that would support my overall digestive function; a more natural approach. So when I received an opportunity with MomsMeet to try the worlds most popular, vegetarian, premium probiotic supplement, I jumped at the chance.

Dr. Ohhira’s perfect blend of prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics.

What stood out the most about this brand is the fact that they are not cultured or grown in a laboratory like most other probiotic products. They have an exclusive natural 3-year fermentation process which is scientifically confirmed as the most vital and health-promoting aspect of probiotic supplementation.

So what are probiotics?

According to NIH [Naitional Center for Complementary and Integrative Health] probiotics are live microorganisms that are meant to have significant health benefits.


People often think of bacteria and microorganisms as harmful germs but certain ones help our bodies function properly. Bacteria that are normally present in our intestines help digest food, destroy disease-causing microorganisms, and produce vitamins. Large numbers of microorganisms live on and in our bodies. Many of the microorganisms in probiotic products are the same as or similar to microorganisms that naturally live in our bodies.

However our internal microorganisms can be compromised and to stay on track you need probiotics: Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics. They helps nourish and balance your body’s bacterial population and promote a positive impact on every aspect of your health.

“A study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics showed that kids who were supplemented with probiotics were three times less likely to experience fever, coughs, and runny noses than their classmates who did not receive the probiotics.”

But why Dr. Ohhira’s?

It all begins with pure spring water. Then, seasonally harvested vegetables, fruits, mushrooms and seaweed are added for prebiotic support. Plus 12 different strains of life probiotics ‘friendly bacteria.’ Which go through a natural 3 year fermentation process and create health promoting postbiotics. It is the only probiotic with over 30 years of scientific and consumer recognition.


What did you do?

Week 1: 
I took 2 capsules every morning. I did not notice significant changes that week.
Week 2:
I increased my intake to 3 capsules every night. With this I noticed some interesting changes to my bowl movements. Some days it was acting almost as a laxatives and diuretic but others it created constipation.
Week 3:
I continued to take 3 capsules every day and this was the week where changes were noticeably visible. I was no longer bloated, my stomach was not cramping or hurting as usual and I had a lot more energy.
Week 4:
Same as week 3.

What is the verdict?

If taken as recommended, this product does wonders for your body. I am looking forward to less bloating/ IBS,  more energy and overall better digestive health with Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics.
BONUS: The Probiotic Cure by Martie Whittekin is a great resource about probiotics and why you need to try them. I was introduced to a whole new world and the power of good bacteria for better health. This supplement will not only help my IBS issues but also overcome allergy and sinus infections as well. I look forward to a much healthier future thanks to Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics.
Do you suffer from IBS or take Probiotics? I would love to hear more about your experience.
x, Dijana

Dr. Ohhira’s Probiotics Original Formula is the ONLY whole food probiotic supplement with the unique blend of:
Prebiotics Culture Medium: fermented vegetables and mushrooms that nourish the
PRObiotics: friendly bacteria that help you digest food and support immune response
POSTbiotics: pH balancing organic acids along with naturally occurring vitamins,
minerals, enzymes, and amino acids to support digestive function and improve whole health.

I received this item as a gift in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. This page may contain affiliate links as well. 

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