Black leather [faux] fall/ winter pants!

Ever since I posted a photo from a night out with my husband, tons of people have been sending me messages and asking me about my pants!

These faux leather pants are the ish this season. I’ve seen versions of them in most clothing stores but I found mine on Amazon and to be totally honest, I was nervous. I am in between sizes and did not know what to expect. But when they arrived and I tried them on, I was impressed. These babies are fabulous.

  • They look amazing
  • They fit like a glove
  • Stretchy and sleek
  • No signs of my cellulite
  • Slimming
  • High waisted
  • Sexy
  • Dress up or dress down
  • Under $20


HEP_6564 HEP_6565 HEP_6568

HEP_6606 HEP_6605

HEP_6598 HEP_6613

HEP_6617 HEP_6615

  • Hand wash cold | Do not bleach | Hang Dry

Get yours here:

Ginasy Black Leather Like Leggings Pants, Stretchy High Waisted Tights for Women Girls, for Her

x, Dijana


Author: hazeleyesmom

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