Why are women so nasty to each other?!

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Why are women so nasty to each other?!

Hello friends. Happy Monday!

Today I want to address something that people seem to love. Something they just can’t get enough of! Something that seems to never go out of style. Some wear it very well, while others hide behind it. It’s almost like an addiction.


Yup. People suck. Women suck. They are nasty and they have no shame.


I found this on psychologytoday.com and couldn’t agree more:

Essentially there are three main reasons women are nasty to other women:

• Because they project their unwanted parts onto the other women (especially their fear, envy, jealousy, suspicion, resentment, rage, anxiety or lack of self esteem & confidence)

• Because they can get away with it (as a sport, fun, panacea to boredom, delight in spite, and their lack of curiosity/tolerance of difference suggests they probably don’t like people anyway)

• Because they don’t have the interpersonal and intrapersonal communication skills to recognize or alter their behavior.

In the world of eye for an eye, kindness and teamwork are often overlooked and are replaced with back-stabbing and character assassination. Everything is a race for the finish line and not in a positive way.

To sum it all up: no matter how hard we try to stop hate, eliminate bullying and promote tolerance, this culture of nastiness has taken over. And instead of encouraging women, promoting common decency and humility, we continue to support and reward nastiness!

So…if you don’t do anything else today, do this: assess your tribe. Build your relationships but take your time. When you have your tribe, you will have and give support, encouragement and strength.

Thank you to my small tribe of women who are smart enough to see through it and strong enough to know when to walk away from it.

#bebetter #dobetter #stopthenastiness

X, Dijana

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