Celebrating birthdays during COVID-19

Today is my daughter’s 10th birthday.

Today we are quarantined and can’t go anywhere.

Today we will celebrate anyway.

Here are 3 ways that YOU too can celebrate special moments in your lives despite our current global crisis.

Plan a virtual party

Use your online resources. There are so many options for video conferencing and a lot of them are free. You can virtually hang out with your friends and party from the comfort of your home. Everyone does their part in keeping the world a safer place and you still get to see your family and friends. Add a fun card game like I am bored out of my mind or Our Moments and have fun.

Look into: Facebook, FaceTime, Zoom and Google Hangout.

Introducing Group Video Chat in Messenger - About Facebook

Do a yard sign

That is exactly what we did. We surprised Adriana with a giant and custom HAPPY BIRTHDAY sign from SignGypsies. It is a rental sign service that does everything for you. You choose the event, colors and theme and they do all the work for a minimal price. Now everyone that passes by knows it’s her special day. She was over the moon excited about this one.

I love how something so simple can change someone’s day. So let’s celebrate and add a pop of joy in these trying times.

Plan a car parade

Car parades are all the rage these days. I actually emailed my daughter’s entire class before it was cool 🙂 and asked them to drive by on her special day. It was the best surprise ever. She had the biggest smile on her face and enjoyed every minute. She misses her friends and they made her day. We even had family members joined in on the fun. Great success overall.

Just because we are confined to our homes does not mean we cannot make the best of of it. We still have a ton of options. We made a homemade cake, ordered a huge balloon garland from Amazon (get the pump for this project), took pictures, chatted with family and friends and of course had a parade. She said it was the best birthday so far and that means more to us than she will ever know.

As parents we tend to think that we are not doing enough or that kids don’t understand. But they do. I am so lucky to have kids that are aware of the current situation. While not ideal, they comprehend the severity and understand why we had to cancel parties, vacations and all events we had planned. This is for not only our own good but for our family and friends as well.

Stay healthy my friends and party on. Don’t forget to make lemonade out of lemons.

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