The Pranamat ECO massage

There is a photo with this caption circulating the internet lately and it could not describe my life any more. “I am not trying to be a b*tch, I just haven’t slept in 8 years” 

To say that I have tension, aches and pains in my body is an understatement. From being pregnant, to baby stages of no sleeping, nightmare nights, sick kids, sleep walking, and finally to kids who just refuse to sleep in their rooms, I AM A WALKING ZOMBIE. This Pranamat was made for me!


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Kids Night in box

Ahoy mateys!

I am always looking for new and creative ways to bring hands on play to my kids. It is no secret that all kids want to do these days is play on their tablets or watch television. But there is so much more to childhood than that!

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Treat someone to a little ZEN!

Box subscriptions are all the craze right now. They are fun, convenient and exciting.

I came across this YUZEN box and thought it would be perfect for me and my mommy friends. We are always so stressed out and these little seasonal ZEN boxes are exactly what we need. It’s like sending yourself or someone you care about a box of hugs.

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Loose 10 lbs & save $1200

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Stardust – Kickstarter for Kids’ Science Book Campaign!

Hello everyone!


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Favorite workout

Let me be honest, I am not a workout fanatic. I enjoy walking, hiking, and jogging from time to time but I get bored easily. I need change in order to stay focused and always look for workouts that are different and keep my mind and body busy!

Here is one that I always come back to – Kettlebell!

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5 Step Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

I am celebrating my 36th birthday next month and although I love my age, it is officially time to amp up my skin care routine.

I collaborated with an award winning skin care line called Saranghae to try their  “revolutionary Korean 5 step anti-aging skin care routine designed to directly address the root causes that lead to unhealthy, damaged and aging skin.” I am super excited. Read More »

Orboot – your friendly smart globe

Good morning!

Today we are taking you on a little adventure around the world. Virtually that is and with a little help from our smart globe, Orboot!

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Ultimate Banana Cream Pie “Game Day” Dip

You say challenge – I say hut, hut, hike!

Vital Proteins challenged it’s ambassadors to make a sweet or savory dip using their Collagen Peptides. I chose sweet of course. Here is my recipe for a protein packed Banana Cream Pie Dip!

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Raising ungrateful brats – no thanks!

New Year! This is a chance to reflect on what we did great last year, what we hope to do better this year and just give a little THANK YOU to all of the people who made it possible. Take a deep breath, and either say it out loud, in your head or post it on social media, but give a little speech to those who were there for you and appreciate this so called life. Because no matter how hard it may be, there is someone out there who wishes they had your life.

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