My fav NO BAKE desserts

Looking for that perfect dessert for the holiday season?! Well, here are two of my favs! When the stress of shopping and visiting your in laws 😉 sets in, you need a recipe that won't add to that. These are super easy, rich in flavor and easy on the wallet too. Bonus - you won't … Continue reading My fav NO BAKE desserts


That’s it bars

I am always looking for snacks that are better for us. In particular, I am on a hunt for items that are non GMO, low in refined sugars, low sodium, preferably real fruits and vegetables and so forth.  So when I was presented with the opportunity to check out these That's it. bars, I was … Continue reading That’s it bars

Simple homemade granola

Top of the morning to ya! Today we are all about granola. Homemade that is. If you have never made this at home, you are missing out. The aromas alone are worth the 20 min prep and bake. Once you make it at home, you will never buy it again. Trust me when I tell … Continue reading Simple homemade granola

Siblings – love/hate

MOM - he is touching me.  MOM - she looked at me. MOM - he doesn't want to play with me.  MOM - she is in my room.  MOM - he punched me [in minecraft]. MOM - she destroyed my house [again, in minecraft].  Familiar yet?! 🤔 Every mom knows this struggle and if you … Continue reading Siblings – love/hate

Tips when travelling with kids

 (not in any particular order): Traveling with kids is never easy. However, over the last 7 years, we have learned a thing or two about travelling abroad with kids. I will start by saying, you need to be mentally prepared and read a blog or two before you travel with kids. This is not your … Continue reading Tips when travelling with kids

Moms go to essential oils

Disclaimer: I am not an expert and the following statements are MY opinions based on personal experiences. E S S E N T I A L  O I L S I was introduced to essential oils about 4 or 5 years ago and I have not looked back. Now, I do not use every oil … Continue reading Moms go to essential oils

7 going on 17

I didn't think one of my first posts would be about my strong willed 7 year old. Someone please send copious amounts of liquor, a time machine so I can skip some of these tantrums or simply - help me!!!! Recipe for momtrum (tantrum for moms): Start off with a handful of auto responses "I … Continue reading 7 going on 17

Life through my hazel eyes.

This idea of starting a motherhood/ lifestyle blog has been on my mind for years. I always felt like every mom has her own experiences and we all have something to offer in the advice category. I will use this platform to share my honest journey and hope to connect with other moms on this … Continue reading Life through my hazel eyes.