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5 Things We Need From Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

If you can’t stop thinking about it, BUY IT!

Family Friendly Beef Taco Recipe

This ground beef recipe is not only delicious, but also very easy. It is a recipe that you can use to start including your kids in the dinner making process. Simple, fast and easy directions to follow. You can make…

Last Minute Mother’s Day Celebrations
Stop Being the ‘copy/ paste’ Parents

We often get sucked into this copy and paste culture. Where families are like dominos. Falling one after another in competition but also in fear of missing out. Meanwhile the kids are struggling and have no say.

TikTok Made Me Do It: Green Goddess Salad

Welcome March! This is a good month as any to share something green on my blog. Especially since I don’t do too many St. Pat’s inspired posts. But this recipe is absolutely amazing and you have to try it asap.

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