November brings hashtags such #thankful and #blessed. As cliché as that sounds, I really am both thankful and blessed. For you see, these 3 people make me count my lucky stars, each and every day.  They also drive me crazy 😉 but I would not trade this life of mine for anything in the world. … Continue reading Thankful?


Picture Keeper Connect

CANNOT TAKE PHOTO There is not enough available storage to take a photo.  Does this message look familiar? Are you one of those photographers, momtogs, dads, selfie queens? I am! OOOPS!🤦 I average about 1500-2000 photos a month. YES, a month. Yes, on my cell phone. Don't even ask how many are on my Nikon … Continue reading Picture Keeper Connect

All Inclusive Family Resorts

Oh how I love to plan and go on vacations. Who doesn't, right?! 😁 Over the past 10 years my husband and I have visited our fair share of all inclusive resorts and are always looking for the next best thing. So far there have only been a handful of resorts that we would visit … Continue reading All Inclusive Family Resorts

Coding for kids

I always knew my daughter was curious and creative. From early on she was interested in how games work and how they come together. So for the past few years I have explored signing her up for coding camps but they were either too expensive or not for her age. When Kidloland approached me to … Continue reading Coding for kids

My cleaning schedule

Cleaning. UGH! No one really enjoys cleaning...or do they? I consider myself a clean freak. You can even say I have borderline OCD. I think it may have been passed down from all of the women in my family. I grew up watching them always taking care of their homes and being proud of it. … Continue reading My cleaning schedule

Cabin fever?

I love this time of year. We had a wonderful October and an even better Halloween. Every year my husbands company organizes a huge Halloween bash for the kiddos. Employees decorate three floors of office space just for the kids to come and do some trick or treating. It really is a blast and kids … Continue reading Cabin fever?

A few of my favorite books📚

I am not an avid reader by any means but I do enjoy an occasional book. I also join a wonderful group of ladies every month or so for what we call a "book club." Mainly they read books and I come for the wine 🍷. Actually, most of us really come for the wine. … Continue reading A few of my favorite books📚

My new robot cleaner

This is my first ever robot vacuum! As a matter of fact this is my first ROBOT anything 🤓 Game changer. Clean up after your beloved pets without lifting a finger with this bObsweep PetHair Plus robotic vacuum. A self-starting schedule means you can set it and forget it, and the upgraded TurboLift system picks … Continue reading My new robot cleaner