This is my first ever robot vacuum! As a matter of fact this is my first ROBOT anything šŸ¤“ Game changer.

F a l l šŸ‚ F u n

Mommy migrainesĀ 

Mommy migrainesĀ 

Ugh! I have never experienced migraines until after I had my daughter. I heard people say ‘It’s like a headache on steroids’ but I did not know what that meant. Fast forward to 2010 and bam, welcome to the migraine…

KidloLand app

KidloLand app

Are you tired of your kids spending countless hours on electronic devices? Do you ever think they are wasting time on apps and videos that are not educational at all? I sometimes do! My kids love to watch videos and…

Our annual fall photoshoot

I love fall. I love the cool weather, the fashion, going to the pumpkin patch, apple picking and all of the amazing colors it brings. But most of all I look forward to our fall photoshoot. As you may know,…

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