10 things I’ve learned about myself – in our 10 years of marriage

Marriage isn’t always easy. Merging two personalities and years of life and experiences prior to uniting can be beautiful yet challenging. Adding children, jobs, homes, sacrifices and new encounters bring on a whole other set of trials. But through all of that, there is growth. There is maturity and sometimes immaturity. But most of all there is awareness. Awareness and rediscovery.

That is what I have here for you today. Ten ways I have REDISCOVERED myself. 


It took time and a lot of trial and errors but even this old dog learned a few new tricks along the way. 

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How can you give back this holiday season?!

#GivingTuesday isn’t until November 27th but you do not need to wait for a specific day to do something nice for someone.

I personally love to do random little things in the community to spread kindness and give back. As someone with an entrepreneurial spirit, I really appreciate the medium and try my hardest to support mom entrepreneurs and small businesses in general.

Image result for giveaway thanksgiving free png

As soon as I see a friend or a neighbor start a new adventure, I will buy it – share it – support it in any way that I can. It means a lot to them and to me. Even if it isn’t always reciprocated, I will try! Why?! Because I refuse to change who I am because of a select few. So now I encourage YOU to do something nice for a friend – even a stranger and come back here to tell me what you did!

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Why are women so nasty to each other?!

Hello friends. Happy Monday!

Today I want to address something that people seem to love. Something they just can’t get enough of! Something that seems to never go out of style. Some wear it very well, while others hide behind it. It’s almost like an addiction.


Yup. People suck. Women suck. They are nasty and they have no shame.


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Happy 1 year Blogiversary to me!

One year down and many more to go.🥂


Who would have thought that a spontaneous idea would turn into a part time gig for me. But I am so glad it did. I took a chance and jumped at the opportunity to share my favorite foods, destinations, fashion and beauty with all of you and I love it.


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What’s in my beauty bag? Vacation mode!

As I am sitting here packing for my summer vacation, I think to myself “I need to share some of these with my followers!”

While I don’t like to bring too much stuff, I am bringing a few new beauty items that are life changing and worth mentioning. They range from a multi functioning lotion to a mini flosser. Random but essential! Come check them out.

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Introduction to PlusCBD Oil / Hemp-derived Cannabidiol

I don’t know about you but if you are anything like me, being a mom sometimes feels like a circus act. But not just any circus act – the one where the poor mama bear is trying to balance on one foot, while juggling balls, smiling and listening to the trainer all at the same time. Between morning routines, school, projects, cooking, cleaning, party planning and whatnot – I was the overwhelmed and exhausted circus bear. My internal balance was a wreck and I needed this summer break more than the kids.

Thanks to a wonderful collaboration with MomsMeet, I was introduced to Hemp-derived CBD oil and my homeostasis, once again, feels regulated. It is perfect for busy moms like myself. Here is my story!

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40+ parks to visit in the western suburbs this summer



S U M M E R  T I M E  I S  F U N  T I M E

Much about life is learning through experiences. Therefore we try to expose our kids to as many new people and places as we can. Sometimes it’s as simple as checking out a new park, other times we take a road trip to a town we have never been before. But whatever we do, we try to have fun and learn as much as we can. Not only about the place but about each other. Every exhibition evokes something new in us and that is an experience in itself.

But every year, I also get asked “how do you even find some of these places?” Simple: where there is a will, there is a way. So much of this is available to us with a click of a button. You just have to look.

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Q&A – All about moi!

A few weeks ago, I gave my followers an opportunity to ask me anything they wanted to know. It was a fun experience. Thank you to those who participated and you all for reading!

Here are the answers to those questions.

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I am done planning my kids every move!

Happy first week of summer break! We survived, did you?

Recently I have been reading a lot of posts about summer break and things to do and not to do. It seems to be one extreme or another. You either fall into the over planning or not planning at all. I do both. I want my kids to have a fun childhood and carefree days but I am also super cautious and like to know what is going on at all times. Why is that so hard? Why can’t I have days where kids choose their own activities or nothing at all but also days where we plan everything from dusk til dawn?! Why is it so hard to be a parent who likes her peace and quiet but also enjoys planned play dates, park visits, nature walks?

If you are like me or just want to know what we do, keep reading.

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