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Hidden Gem: Waterpark in Western Suburbs of Chicago

Happy Summer! It’s no secret that Chicagoland is rich with pools, parks, hiking, biking trails, and waterparks. But somehow, it always feel like we are looking for the next best thing. Especially when the weather feels like 100 degrees. Let’s…

Being Present With Your Children

Note to myself: It’s that time of the year where PRESENTS rule households. They have a chokehold on givers and receivers alike. Which is why it’s extremely important to remind myself that being present is crucial.

Ultimate Fall Activities

Hello September. My favorite season is almost here and that means, FALL everything! From pumpkin recipes, coffees and cakes. To apple picking and decorating. But let’s start with a premium list of fall activities that you may or may not…

Family First, Family Last, Family Always with CP3

When I met my husband, one of the things that stood out about him was his love for sports. Not as a player but as a spectator. He knew facts that baffled me. Players backgrounds and life stories that only…

Why I choose to get up and show up, every single day?!

We are all busy. We all have a sh*t load of things to do. We are tired. We are overwhelmed. We put too much pressure on ourselves and our families. But that can’t always be an excuse. Even though I…

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