summer 2021 bucketlist

I cannot believe that this school year is almost over. In a few short weeks, we will be back to planning and coordinating summer activities. And honestly, I couldn’t be happier! Things are looking up and it’s about time. But summers can also bring on a lot of “I am bored, mom” moments. Which is why I created this A through Z list of family activities you can do this summer. Have fun.

My favorite Target bra targetstyle bras

Breasts are the symbol of femininity but unless you are super comfortable about going braless, wearing one is part of our womanly anatomy. And finding the right one has proven to be a never ending challenge for most of us. While I don’t have the best bra for all women (that would be amazing), I do have a one that will make a lot of women feel fabulous. I promise. Let me show you!