Raising ungrateful brats – no thanks!

New Year! This is a chance to reflect on what we did great last year, what we hope to do better this year and just give a little THANK YOU to all of the people who made it possible. Take a deep breath, and either say it out loud, in your head or post it on social media, but give a little speech to those who were there for you and appreciate this so called life. Because no matter how hard it may be, there is someone out there who wishes they had your life.

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Crêpes De Luxe

Almost every weekend my daughter requests Crepes. I don’t mind making them because it takes me the same amount of time and ingredients as pancakes or french toast. Besides I love them myself 😋

Here is a quick recipe that I use and love.


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Carry-on essentials

School is half way done and I am thinking V A C A T I O N ✈

My sister and I just booked our first summer vacation together and we are a tad excited to start packing already! 🤣 Typically, I start prepping as soon as we book our trip anyways; but this year is extra special.Read More »

Valentine’s Day – A Unique Minimalist Wooden Watch for Him + giveaway!

If you look up “gifts for men” almost all of the blogs, magazines, and fashion experts will recommend a watch at some point. This blog post is no different. I am here to highly recommend this sexy beast! JORD wood watch.

hyde-103-front-angledHYDE series – stacked sandalwood & olive with ivory.

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Little Adventures

Happy New Year 2018 🥂

I don’t know how tired you are but I am pretty beat. The last few weeks have been a blur. Not only because I was busy shopping and running around but because I had two sick kiddos on my hands. This flu hit my little one pretty hard and we spent the first week of winter break indoors. A true staycation 🤣 and use of our imagination.

One thing our kids do a lot around here is pretend play.  On some days they will both dress up, set up a whole scene in the play room and invite my husband and I to watch their performance/ show. Other days they create their own world of make belief and completely devote their day and energy to imagination. I truly enjoy their creativity.

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Spinach & Crab Dip – feat. Bentgo Glass

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas but it’s time to think New Year’s Eve 🎉

Start your New Year’s celebration with my easy yet fancy Spinach&Crab dip! The best part is, you can make it ahead, pack it into your Bentgo Glass container and take it to go.

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2018 Vacation search sites

If you have been following me on social media you know we love to travel and explore new places. Even if it is a small town within driving distance of our home, we will get away any chance we get.

However, for our annual family vacations there are a handful of sites we use to compare deals, accommodations, and perks. Here is a list of our top 3 travel sites.


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Favorite family games

In a world where technology and screen time is inevitable, sitting down and playing a game as a family is a great way to unplug. We enjoy the face to face interactions, even if someone is crying or pouting 🙈. It’s interactive, it practices teamwork and most of all it is a lot of fun!

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Holiday centerpiece under $25

Dress up your holiday dinner table with this beautiful, simple and fairly cheap centerpiece.


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PB-Banana Bread w/ chocolate chunks

Happy Friday!!

Peanut butter and bananas are a match made in heaven. Add a little chocolate to that and it’s like a party in your mouth. So what do you do if you have some ripe bananas, peanut butter and chocolate? You make delicious BANANA BREAD! Check out my recipe below and have a fantastic weekend 😋


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