New Glarus, WI – America’s Little Switzerland

Good morning!

I am on a mission to visit as many European inspired or European style towns America has to offer. New Glarus, WI was on of them.

This unique town is about 3 hours from Chicago and while it may seem like a long drive, it goes by quickly. My husband and I enjoy driving so for us the drive was peaceful and a great experience overall.

But if you feel extra adventurous, you can be in Madison, WI in an additional 30 minutes! Make it a fun weekend trip.

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Chores for kids ages 3 to 10

How to help kids be more responsible?

I always say: I am one confused mama. I constantly struggle between letting kids be “kids” and using life lessons to teach responsibility. I find that just like many things in life, these two don’t have to be mutually exclusive.

We can do both but all in due time.

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Flip-Phone Parenting trend

You may be just as shocked as I am but flip-phone parenting is a trend to watch in 2019!

Now…the chances of this actually sticking around are slim but you have to admit, it makes sense.

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Chicago Food Tours

It’s a fact that I love food. But it’s also a fact that if you are following my blog, you’re a foodie too!

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of joining a couple of my neighborhood moms for Geneva’s first coffee crawl. But it got me thinking: as much as I am intrigued by this coffee crawl – I would love a taco crawl even more! Wouldn’t you agree?!

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International Women’s Day #IWD2019

Good morning.

January and February are truly the longest months of the year! The ever changing weather disasters we are experiencing all throughout the country definitely do not help. I am beyond ready for spring.

But March is here and the first thing that comes to my mind is International Women’s Day.

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Air Fryer Paczkis/ Krofne Recipe

All of these Fat Tuesday commercials got me salivating for some Paczkis and I can’t wait!

I grew up eating donuts but never heard of Fat Tuesday until I moved here. In the Balkans we call donuts “Krofne” but here in the states everyone refers to them as Paczkis.

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