Flip-Phone Parenting trend

You may be just as shocked as I am but flip-phone parenting is a trend to watch in 2019!

Now…the chances of this actually sticking around are slim but you have to admit, it makes sense.

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International Women’s Day #IWD2019

Good morning.

January and February are truly the longest months of the year! The ever changing weather disasters we are experiencing all throughout the country definitely do not help. I am beyond ready for spring.

But March is here and the first thing that comes to my mind is International Women’s Day.

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3 Things That I do To Keep My Home Tidy & you can too!

Knock, knock. Who’s there?

It’s Monday, my cleaning day.

I know how lame that sounds but as a stay at home parent, I look forward to Mondays. One – because the chaos of the weekend is over and I have the house and the day to myself [unless it’s a holiday]. Two – because this is my day to get things and my sanity back in order.

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Snow day & indoor activities

In most cases when the school calls for a SNOW DAY, that just means an extra day for the kids to do some sledding, snowboarding and/ or skiing. But not this time around. This time we are strongly advised not to leave the house. Not to expose our skin to these brutal negative temperatures and FOR TWO STRAIGHT DAYS! #goodtimes

So what do we do with kids who have the energy of a hurricane?

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Am I raising independent or needy kids?!

Good morning!

Let’s jump right in! I am that mom.

The mom who is conflicted! On one hand I want my kids to grow and be independent so they don’t end up needy. But on another hand I want to help them with everything because soon enough they won’t need me.

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10 things I’ve learned about myself – in our 10 years of marriage

Marriage isn’t always easy. Merging two personalities and years of life and experiences prior to uniting can be beautiful yet challenging. Adding children, jobs, homes, sacrifices and new encounters bring on a whole other set of trials. But through all of that, there is growth. There is maturity and sometimes immaturity. But most of all there is awareness. Awareness and rediscovery.

That is what I have here for you today. Ten ways I have REDISCOVERED myself. 


It took time and a lot of trial and errors but even this old dog learned a few new tricks along the way. 

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Mommy meltdown!

Have you ever felt like something wasn’t right? Deep down inside you had a feeling like something was off. Your mind, body and soul were just not in sync?!

Your head was spinning and more then usual. You were forgetting simple tasks and even groceries at the store. And I mean, you paid for hot dogs but left the bag at the register, type of forgetting.

Well that was me. For the past couple of weeks. Something was not right.

I felt tired but I wasn’t.

I felt sick but not really.

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Why are women so nasty to each other?!

Hello friends. Happy Monday!

Today I want to address something that people seem to love. Something they just can’t get enough of! Something that seems to never go out of style. Some wear it very well, while others hide behind it. It’s almost like an addiction.


Yup. People suck. Women suck. They are nasty and they have no shame.


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