New Glarus, WI – America’s Little Switzerland

Good morning!

I am on a mission to visit as many European inspired or European style towns America has to offer. New Glarus, WI was on of them.

This unique town is about 3 hours from Chicago and while it may seem like a long drive, it goes by quickly. My husband and I enjoy driving so for us the drive was peaceful and a great experience overall.

But if you feel extra adventurous, you can be in Madison, WI in an additional 30 minutes! Make it a fun weekend trip.

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30 gifts of adventure you can give this holiday season

From now until the end of the year – it’s holidays this and holidays that! Welcome to all things HOLIDAY!

Shopping season has officially kicked off for a lot of folks. Not me, not yet. Don’t get me wrong, we love toys and games around here too but one thing that I am focusing on this year are experiences. Adventures that create bonds, make memories and encourage endless fun for the entire family!

Here is my suggestion list of experiences for this holiday season. Not only for children but for couples and families as well.

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