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30 gifts of adventure you can give this holiday season

From now until the end of the year – it’s holidays this and holidays that! Welcome to all things HOLIDAY!

Shopping season has officially kicked off for a lot of folks. Not me, not yet. Don’t get me wrong, we love toys and games around here too but one thing that I am focusing on this year are experiences. Adventures that create bonds, make memories and encourage endless fun for the entire family!

Here is my suggestion list of experiences for this holiday season. Not only for children but for couples and families as well.

  • Art museum passes
  • Local or national state park tickets
  • Pay for a session of hockey, soccer, gymnastics or dance classes.
  • Membership to the zoo.
  • Subscription boxes.


  • Meal kits for a month or more.
  • Rock climbing experience.
  • Indoor sky diving session.
  • Pay for someone’s summer camp.
  • Art classes.


  • Pool membership or day passes.
  • Photography session.
  • Tickets for sporting events.
  • Weekend stay-cation reservations.
  • Cooking classes.


  • Amusement park tickets.
  • Indoor car races.
  • Tickets for children’s museums.
  • Local biking tours.
  • Ice skating classes or tickets for open skate.
  • Tubing at your local ski resort.
  • Boat tours.


  • For the runner, fund their next 5k.
  • For the foodie, a sushi or chocolate tour in your city.
  • Massage packages.
  • Comedy club tickets.
  • Escape room experience.
  • Winery tours.
  • Movie passes.
  • Bowling experience.


Hope I inspired you to make a change. Surprise someone you love with something different but fun. Have a happy November!

x, Dijana

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