Weekend in Las Vegas, NV

Oh my gosh.

I can’t believe I did it. I went on a trip alone.

If you read my previous post about traveling alone for the first time, then you know, this was huge for me.

I also can’t believe that just a week ago, I was on top of the world, literally (elevation 7,717 ft) and today I am lower than ever. I am sad about the state of our nation but enough about that. Here is more about my short but sweet trip to Vegas.

Mt. Charleston Lodge, NV – elevation 7,717 ft

So the hard part is out of the way. I survived the flight and the airports by myself. I feel like a big girl now. HAHA!

Don’t let these posts confuse you, I have traveled alone before. Just not since I’ve been married and honestly, I didn’t have a reason to do so.

Sure there were many talks among my friends and sisters about doing weekend getaways but we could never get our schedules together. Frankly, no one put 100% into it so it never happened.

But when my sister moved to Las Vegas, I knew we would visit her eventually. I also thought that the first time we did would be as a family but due to scheduling, it just didn’t work out that way. So I went by myself this time and it was great.

It was a super short trip and I wouldn’t change a thing. It was perfect.

Long enough for my first time. Long enough to see the munchkins and to catch up with my sisters (my youngest sister flew in as well). Long enough to test the waters!

Las Vegas

My sister really took her time to show me around. Despite the limited time we had. We did the whole strip thing, we stopped by many bars and casinos. Walked the boulevard and even took a drive to Mt. Charleston. It was so scenic and beautiful.

One thing that I couldn’t get used to was all the ear popping and pressure. Oh my goodness. The constant change in altitude was really hard for a migraine sufferer like myself. But I was too busy enjoying the sunshine and the scenery to let that change my mood.

Also, I thought it would be very important to mention and document that this was the very first time I used an Uber!!!! Okay, maybe my sisters helped and did all the app stuff, but I was there. OK! It was a big deal. 🙂

MEANWHILE BACK AT HOME: My husband and kids did amazing. Turns out they don’t need me as much as I thought they did. That was a nice feeling to come back to. They worked together and managed everything. Even laundry! I am so proud of them and appreciate my little tribe more than ever. Thank you for always being my rocks. For allowing me to be myself, try new things and never holding me back. I love you all.

I only saw a glimpse of Vegas and that there is soooo much more to see. I can’t wait to come back with my family and explore some more. I also can’t wait to make this an annual thing with my sisters. All of the laughs, jokes and bonding means more to me than they will ever know and that alone was worth it.

But in the meantime, here are some more pics. Enjoy.

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