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Amazon Sweaters – FALL 2020

I won’t bore you with why and how much I love fall. But let’s just say it’s not only for it’s refreshing and crisp weather, or all of the fun fall activities. Mostly it’s because, well…sweaters are LIFE! Let’s shop.

Delicious Dutch Oven Bread

Bread baking is my specialty. I learned how to make bread when I was a little girl. Growing up in Bosnia, it was and still, very much a tradition to teach your kids to bake and cook. It’s a piece of our culture and something that we are very proud of.

Small Business Saturdays

Small Business Saturday is an American shopping holiday held on one of the busiest shopping periods of the year; Saturday after Thanksgiving. In honor of SBS and all hard working, small businesses and the impact COVID had on them, I am starting a NEW series on my blog. Small Business Saturdays. Small Business Saturdays will …

Ultimate Fall Activities

Hello September. My favorite season is almost here and that means, FALL everything! From pumpkin recipes, coffees and cakes. To apple picking and decorating. But let’s start with a premium list of fall activities that you may or may not have in mind. Here is the ultimate FALL activities list – Midwest style.

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