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Everything You Need For A Successful Thanksgiving Party

Hello November and hello holiday season. Do you love to host parties or do you prefer to attend? I can do both. In moderation of course. But for Thanksgiving, my family likes to take turns.

Amazon must have: electric crepe maker

Hi friends, Let’s switch gears a bit around here and talk about something more fun! Like this fantastic Amazon find: my new Electric Crepe Maker. This is a game changer and you MUST have it. If you love crepes, that…

Everything you need for your 4th of July party
Trader Joe’s vs Aldi: dark roast coffee

I must admit, I wasn’t an Aldi shopper. I mean, I was until I wasn’t. Okay, let’s back track. My parents always were and always will be Aldi shoppers. Ever since they lived in Germany, they have a special infatuation…

How to Seal your Countertops

Good morning, Owning a home comes with so many responsibilities. In fact, so many little things have popped up recently that my head is spinning. It makes me feel like I am loosing my mind and I definitely need a…

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