Girls Weekend – Scottsdale, AZ

girls weekend scottsdale

Pack your bags and grab your gals because Scottsdale, Arizona is where it’s at! It really is the perfect destination for a low key girls weekend. But don’t worry, you can crank it up too. Let me show you what we did, where we stayed and how we celebrated my sister’s 21st birthday. Come on in.

My Favorite Graphic Tops

fall graphic tops

I am a sucker for a graphic top. I don’t care if it’s an old band, a funny saying, something completely off the wall – it’s in my closet. But lately, I am gravitating more towards simple graphics. Classic and minimal, if you will. Let me show you some of my favorites.

Perfect Back-to-School Snack: Monster Pop

monster pop momsmeet

Whether we are ready or not, here they come. School lunches and snacks are back. But finding a healthy #backtoschool snack is always a challenge. They are either full of unknown ingredients or sugars. And if you anything like me, they already get enough junk as it is. Don’t stress though. I found one back-to-school snack that is delicious, gluten free, non- GMO, kosher and only has 4 ingredients. Let me show you.