Instant Pot Lasagna

instant pot lasagna

Hi friends! I know why you are here. You want an easy and fast recipe! Me too. However, I did NOT come up with this recipe myself. I was inspired by a few posts on social media and had to make it asap. The recipes called for traditional ingredients but I used what I had on hand and this is what I came up with for my family. It was delicious and I will definitely make it again.

10+ Gifts for coffee lovers

coffee lovers gifts

I must admit, this post is all about me. I live for coffee and I coffee to live. A cup of coffee in the morning is my version of a match made in heaven. Heck, a cup of coffee any time of the day is a win in my book. Let me show you some of my favorite coffee accessories that will make any coffee lover happy.

To be or not to be: Spring Break Vacation?

To be or not to be: Spring Break Vacation?

It’s no secret that COVID is still around. It’s also no secret that people continue to ignore the rules. Which makes a lot of us sad and angry too. I am fully aware that the rules were put in place to minimize the impact of the virus. Never to completely eliminate it. But the fact that so many people choose to avoid all responsibilities, is mind boggling.