A Miami Getaway: with kids

south beach with kids_lifethrumyhazeleyes

Bienvenida a Miami. Happy birthday to me. Last weekend I was treated to a very special trip to celebrate my 40th birthday. I know! It sounds crazy. I am FOURTY! Yiiikes. But my family surprised me with a getaway and I did not mind one bit. Travelling is one surprise that I will always take. Let me show you how we spent it.

Valentine’s Day Fashion Inspo

valentines day fashion inspo

I am not a fashion expert by any means and that makes this so much more fun! Anyone can make fashion their thing and be an expert for themselves. Fashion is fluid. If you are confident, you can rock anything. Trust me. I see fashion as a way of expressing myself. Certain trends draw me in immediately. While others push me away faster then they started. I love colors and I also love a good neutral outfit! It never goes out of style. But I also just love shopping and trying new things. Now let’s get into it.