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Organize your fridge for back to school

I am still in denial. I cannot believe school starts this week. WHAT??? This was the shortest summer known to man. But here we are and we have to get ready. Starting with operation organization: fridge edition. Let’s do it!

Back 2 School Reminders

Hello there, Welcome back. 🙂 Back to school! For some of us, the words BACK TO SCHOOL send shivers down our backs. But for others this may be the news you have been praying for. Either way, no judgment here. Weather you want to admit it or not, we are all struggling. So let’s remind …

Kids fashion | Gymboree style

When it comes to kids fashion, I try to buy pieces that are versatile and mutli purpose. I like trendy pieces but always look for a good deal. Thanks to GymBucks I was able to put together several fall outfits that could also transition into winter and wanted to share them with my mommy friends. …

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