Back 2 School Reminders

Hello there,

Welcome back. 🙂 Back to school!

For some of us, the words BACK TO SCHOOL send shivers down our backs. But for others this may be the news you have been praying for. Either way, no judgment here.

Weather you want to admit it or not, we are all struggling. So let’s remind ourselves of a few things in preparation for the new school year.

P.S. selfishly, this list is a pep talk to myself but if it hits a cord with others, even better.


Yes you do. Life is unfair and things are hard but whatever you do, YOU GOT IT. This is no exception. We are warriors and we figure things out. That’s what we do. Now, this doesn’t mean we do it alone. Ask for help. Mom, Dad, siblings, online and don’t forget your neighbors. This is the perfect opportunity to reconnect with people and help each other out. And if you are on the other side and this is all going so well for you, offer your help to others. Trust me, someone will need it.

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Nothing makes more sense, than having a plan. Even though most school districts don’t even have a solid and clear agenda – YOU make a plan. A plan for yourself, a plan for your kid(s) and your family. Lay out what the school wants from you but also write out what you CAN and CANNOT do. Try to plug it all together the best way you can. It won’t all work out. It won’t all fit (especially if you are a working parent). But put the pieces together in a way it works best for your schedule. If that means, taking a few days off to get the kids acclimated. If that means, signing them in, in the morning and finishing work at night. If that means, asking a friend to come and help or if financially feasible, hiring help. But this is the time to do that. Plan for it all. Don’t wait until school starts. Have a plan or two.


Not everyone had the same experience in the spring. But we all learned a heck of a lot. From tech issues, to spotty internet connections, to failed log ins and lost passwords, etc. You name it, most of us experienced it. But we’ve come a long way. THE KIDS have come a long way. But even if your kid is struggling, even if your kids need extra help, even if they are breezing through it all – trust them. Have faith in them and LET THEM KNOW! They need to hear that from YOU. They need YOUR validation. Show them that you are proud and watch the magic happen. They want nothing more than to impress you – so acknowledge their success. No matter how small. It means a lot and they will get better and better.


This wasn’t easy for any of us but give the teachers some credit. With everything they have to deal with on regular basis, adding this to the mix was not an easy task. And just like the kids and parents, some thrived in this process but others struggled. Let’s take a minute to appreciate what was done and what is about to happen. All we have to do is follow instructions. They did all the work and sometimes blindly because just like us, they have been waiting all summer to find out what they need to do. Making double, triple plans – just in case. Work together and let’s try to get back to the times where we have some respect for each other again. Most of them are parents as well.

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Depending on the school, your kids and what choice you made – you have and probably will have a ton of questions. Ask! Write them all down and if the answers are not available online, send an email. Call the school, the district, etc. No question is crazy or not important; especially now. And chances are, others have asked too. Do what you would want your kids to do – ask questions!


This is all crazy as it is. It does not matter what side you are on, what choice you make, or how many kids you have. Our lives have been disturbed. For the past 6 months we have adjusted so many things. We have experienced some new lows and seen some sweet highs. A good bunch of people have taken this opportunity to reestablish themselves, but most have just been trying to stay afloat. Whatever your situation is – take breaks. It’s good for the mind, body and soul. WE NEED IT and our kids need it. Don’t force anything and don’t push yourself or your kids. We know that doesn’t help anyone. So take breaks throughout the day. Take a walk alone or with your kids, talk to someone, do some yoga or exercise. But whatever you do, take your time and breath.


YES! Celebrate. Anything and everything. Always. I am the queen of celebrations. Heck I celebrate a new purse haha. But seriously, embrace the good with the bad. If this hasn’t thought you how to appreciate what you have, I don’t know what will. Celebrate the kids wearing masks for a few hours. Celebrate their first day of school. Celebrate their first zoom meeting. Celebrate good behavior. Celebrate good health. All of it. Just do it. It gives you something to look forward to but also makes everyone just feel good.

Now that we have all of that down, enjoy the next couple of weeks with your family. Fill it up with as much fun as possible. Be safe and social distance but make time for a few more summer outings and activities.

Also, start planning your fall and winter getaways before everyone else does too. 😉


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