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3 Reasons to visit Sloomoo Institute – Chicago

Kids love it. Most parents loathe it. What is it? S L I M E But I am about to change that for you. There is a new place in town and it appeals to kids and adults alike. Let me show you!


Winter Family BINGO

I am back with another Family BINGO: WINTER edition! I was inspired by a local mommy group and had to get on it as soon as possible. Thank you ladies and hope this helps ease your planning. But in all honestly, Fall Family BINGO was extremely popular so creating a Winter Family BINGO was only …

Jack Frost Winter Village – Chicago

I have to admit, I had no intentions of blogging about this place but my inboxes have been bombarded with questions and that makes my heart happy. I can’t believe how many of you have purchased tickets already. I just can’t wait to see your photos. Let me show you what you can expect.

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