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3 ways to enjoy Love, Corn snacks

LOVE, CORN is made with love. THREE simple ingredients but all of the deliciousness. Perfect crunch and flavors too. You can choose salty, zingy, smokey, and/ or spicy. Their variety of flavors will satisfy mom, dad and kids too. #lovecorn

10 favorite quotes about love, hope and equality
My favorite things about December

Hello December. Oh how I love thee. Everything about this time of year is magical. Everything is so romantic and beautiful. People are kind and kids are happy. It almost makes me forget what a year we’ve had. 🥴 ALMOST….

Take your date to the next level – Vol II

Escape rooms have been all the rage lately. My social media is filled with tags and photos of family and friends enjoying this new craze. So Alen and I had to jump at the chance to explore one on our…

Take your date to the next level – Vol I

When you think of a date with your significant other, you automatically think dinner or movies. Correct? Most of us do. While I think dinner dates are great and fun, they get boring and old really fast. So I truly…

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