3 ways to enjoy Love, Corn snacks

Hi friend!

Are you a snacker?

I am! I can skip all three meals but snacks are a must. Just ask my hips.🤣

Let me introduce you to my most recent snack of choice: Love, Corn!

This blog is sponsored by Momsmeet.com and Love, Corn but all opinions are my own.


LOVE, CORN is made with love. THREE simple ingredients but all of the deliciousness. Perfect crunch and flavors too. You can choose salty, zingy, smokey, and/ or spicy. Their variety of flavors will satisfy mom, dad and kids too. #lovecorn

Variety Pack LOVE CORN - Sea Salt, BBQ, Habanero – LOVE CORN USA

If you are looking for plant based, gluten free and just simply an alternative to chips, look no further. Grab a bag or 5 of Love, Corn. They have such great taste and it’s perfect on the go, in lunchboxes or for party boards. They pair so well with a nice cold beer or a sweet glass of wine. It is a healthier version to pretzels, crackers and other corn nuts.

My family has been enjoying them on their own for a while now. But my favorites ways to use them are in a soup, salad and in guacamole! It is truly the crunchiest snack and so so good. Check out some of my creations using LOVE, CORN.

LOVE, CORN is available online at lovecorn.com/kids and in-store at Whole Foods, Target, Sprout Farmers Market, Kroger, Wegmans, Walgreens, CVS, ShopRite, and more. To find a store near you, visit: lovecorn.com/pages/find-store but for a big fat 25% OFF, use the link below and order online:


Not only are they absolutely delicious but Love, Corn is committed to giving back and you know that is the key to my heart. I live to pay it forward and I pride myself in partnering with businesses that do the same. Thank you Love, Corn for dedicating your time and planning on donating 1 million samples of LOVE, CORN, building 50 school learning gardens, and supporting local communities regularly. For more on LOVE, CORN and what they do, please visit www.lovecorn.com/video

So, what’s your favorite way to Love, Corn?

x, Dijana

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  1. Azra Poljak says:

    Sooo going to Walgreens today to try this!!! I love corn and corn nuts!!!!yum

    1. Oh yay!!

  2. Samra Isic says:

    Yumm! These look so delicious

  3. Amy (@nicole51482) says:

    I definitely need to go pick some up to try!!

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