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Perfect Back-to-School Snack: Monster Pop

Whether we are ready or not, here they come. School lunches and snacks are back. But finding a healthy #backtoschool snack is always a challenge. They are either full of unknown ingredients or sugars. And if you anything like me,…

WayFare: plant-Based Pudding

As some of you may already know, I like to consider myself a flexitarian. What is a flexitarian, you may ask? It is a style of eating. One that is centered on plant based foods but does allow some meat…

Flavor Your Life with Europe’s Finest Olive Oil

Growing up in Europe, my taste buds are substantially different. I recognized that the same day we arrived to the United States. I also realized, right then and there, that all foods are not created equal. Which is why, to…

Kids Sleep Better with Pact Dream Big Pajamas

When it comes to pajamas, cotton is all we wear. As a kid, I witnessed my dads sever allergic reaction to anything other than cotton. Watching him breakout in hives whenever he put on any article of clothing that wasn’t…

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